Meiko’s Health Insurance Close Call

updated fans on her blog at MySpace (@meiko) on Thursday (September 10), revealing that her recent hospitalization could have sent her in financial peril had she not paid her health insurance bill on time. The singer songwriter tells readers:

I’m sitting here at home watching Sicko by Michael Moore and and its actually making me a little sick. These stories are so sad.

Can you believe that 1 month before I had my “Brain Pain” I had just reinstated my health insurance?

I go through a company called and I missed a few bills… My friend Mike 4100 was like “duuuude- don’t let this slide- because when you do- thats when you’re gonna need it!”

Sooooo- I handled it, almost a month later is when I had to go to the hospital for a dilated ventricle in my brain. Woah.

So yesterday- I got the bill for it saying the total cost was $100,000.00, But insurance had covered the full amount…

I just felt like I needed to tell you this, thats all. I feel very lucky to have health insurance and damn if I ever miss a bill again! HAHA!

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