Mekhi Phifer Comments On Super Bowl Breast Flash

Mekhi Phifer was a guest on the syndicated news magazine show ‘Entertainers with Byron Allen’ on Sunday night, where he discussed his new film ‘Dawn of the Dead’ and his desire to do a film with Al Pacino. But his most interesting quote was his opinion about Justin Timberlake on the Janet Jackson ‘Super Bowl’ incident. When Byron asked him about how he feels about musicians getting into the movie industry, he said, “Don’t get me wrong, there are a lot of talented actors out there, who happen to be musicians, but there are a lot more who should just stay behind the mic.”

Byron read off a list of names, including Justin Timberlake, Eve, Mandy Moore and Ice Cube, and Mekhi was unimpressed for the most part. “I respect Cube, he’s been putting it down for a long time, he shouldn’t even be included in that category. I don’t know much about Mandy Moore, and I’m not a Justin Timberlake fan.” Byron asked why, and he bluntly said, “Well, I got love for Janet Jackson and I didn’t like that nonsense he tried to pull after the Super Bowl. The media blew it out of proportion, but I still think he punked out on her. You did something together, you gotta stick together.” He continued, “That’s how I am, anyway. If I’m involved in something that gets me caught up, I’ll own up to my part in it – I’ll take the blame for what I’ve done. I didn’t see him do that, did you?”

Byron then said he thought Justin may have just been in shock about the whole thing and didn’t think before making statements. Mekhi then shrugged and somewhat agreed, saying, “Maybe. You know, I don’t think anyone’s perfect. We all make mistakes, but I think it takes responsibility to accept them.”

Was Janet Jackson Really Invited To The Grammys?

March 18, 2004 – Contributed by Kizzardkid: Dallas Austin, producer of two songs on ‘Damita Jo’ spoke to Access Hollywood recently concerning Janet’s current affairs. Reports saying Janet decided not to attend the Grammys, Dallas Austin says they were wrong. “She said, ‘I didn’t deny [the invitation]. They kicked me off. I was getting my outfit ready. I thought I was going to the party. I was excited, I was ready and they told me I couldn’t go,'” confirmed Dallas.

Janet Jackson To Appear on ‘On Air With Ryan Seacrest’

March 17, 2004 – Janet will take part in a free live outdoor performance during her appearance for “On Air w/ Ryan Seacrest” next month, according to a press release.

The performance will take place in Hollywood, CA, at the Hollywood & Highland Entertainment Complex on the corner of Hollywood and Highland Blvds. The special performance is open to the public and will film live on Friday, April 2, between 12:00 P.M. – 1:00 P.M. PST.

Ryan Seacrest will also conduct a sit-down interview with Janet during the hour-long special. Check local listings for the time and channel that “On Air W/ Ryan Seacrest” airs.

The show’s website is also looking for Janet “SuperFans” to be featured as a guest on the show.

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3 thoughts on “Mekhi Phifer Comments On Super Bowl Breast Flash

  1. LadyBugg says:

    I love Mekhi, but its obvious that he didn’t quite follow the situation closely (for that though, honestly, I can’t blame him ….). But in s comments after the fact, he took the complete blame for the “wardrobe mishap”. Janet had not even spoke yet. He took a lot of heat. Then, she comes out and says it was her idea. I believe she did this because it was the truth. Its funny because those in the Pop world are saying that Janet used Justin. Those on the R-N-B scene are saying that Justin used Janet. What people on both ends don’t realize is that neither one needed the other. They are both larger than life! Janet and Justin are friends. They used to be lovers. Everyone keeps trying to make this a JT vs. JJ thing when they did it together.

  2. misseskaytee says:

    I agree with Ladybug… I think they’re turning it into a racial thing. come on guys, Justin apologized while he was getting a freaking Grammy!! Janet said she was sorry, what, twice? and Justin musta said it 50 times. Justin’s the one who caught all the shiznit from it anyway. no one cared what Janet did, just that Justin was involved in it.
    and anyway, where does Mekhi get off saying that other people can’t act? I don’t see his Oscar nominations. what, just because he was in ‘8 mile’ he’s the sh** now?

  3. sweetheart_805 says:

    i don’t think that its a racial thing. I think the big deal was that Justin said it was a “wardrobe malfunction” while Janet came out and apologized. not to defend him, but Justin probably was trying to cover for both himself and Janet when he said that, and wasn’t thinking. either way its not that big of a deal, its old news now. and I agree with your Mekhi comment, he’s been in a bunch of crappy movies, then lucked out with 8 mile. Mandy Moore is a decent actress, and Justin’s movie hasn’t even come out yet so no one knows how his acting will be. I’m not a huge Justin fan, but he’s still more talented and famous then Mekhi will ever be.

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