Mel B Is A Rampant Maneater And Spice Girl Slacker

The Sun’s Victoria Newton is dishing dirt on and how the star has had several former lovers claim she was a sex addict. “Mel was at it all the time. She was always talking loudly to everyone about her sex life,” a source revealed.

Newton also hears that during the girl group’s heyday, she wasn’t the hardest of workers. “She never really took anything seriously,” a tipster said. “Sometimes the other girls used to get pissed off because she was messing around and not paying attention in rehearsals. She just wanted a good time – she was the real fun one out of the lot of them.”

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One thought on “Mel B Is A Rampant Maneater And Spice Girl Slacker

  1. harman says:

    Bull…her performances speak for themselves. I would like to see a slacker perform with such coordination with the rest of the gals. *rolls eyes* I won’t bother with this website anymore..

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