Mel B Proves Scary Spice After Being Called ‘Slapper’

The Sun reports former Spice Girl Mel B got into a nasty rumble in front of music industry bigwigs at Goldborne Pub in Shepherd’s Bush, West London after being called “a slapper.” A source revealed, “She overhead one girl say, ‘Have you seen who’s here? Scary Spice – and she looks like a right slapper’. Mel just snapped. She stormed out and started banging on the door of the next cubicle.”

Mel B Is Headed To America

June 24, 2002 – The Sun reports former Spice Girl Mel B says she’s headed to America to relaunch her solo career. She’ll have the help of Prince, Jay-Z, and Ja Rule and revealed to New Nation, “My music aim is to go to America. I’m gonna start it off in America because I’ve had lots of offers and proposals from people who wanna work me with me out there. One of the people I can confirm I will be working with, which I am really excited about, is Prince.” As for her failure to make waves in the UK market that led to her split from Virgin, Mel said, “I don’t think I had the right frame of mind and focus for my direction.”

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