Mel B’s Ex Claims ‘Very Deep Relationship’ With Geri

In a explosive documentary Mel B famously tried to ban, her former husband Jimmy Gulzar is claiming that she and former Spice Girl had a very close relationship (without saying the ‘L’ word) before Geri took off for a solo career. Jimmy revealed, “Melanie and Geri had a relationship with each other which goes deeper than a lot of people think. After Geri left the group she was just slagging her off. She did the same thing with me. Because of that you can see there is a deeper thing going on there between Geri and Melanie than only just being members of the same group.”

Mel B Gushes About Daughter Phoenix

April 27, 2002 – Top of the Pops spoke with Spice Girl Mel B about what she’s been up to and how things are with her daughter Phoenix Chi. Mel said, “The most important thing in my life is my child. It’s good to do TV because you can get a kind of routine, and my baby’s with me. Everything’s hunky dory, apples and pears, y’know, it’s all great!”

Dejected Mel B Overlooked By Mary J. Blige

April 25, 2002 – The Mirror reports Spice Girl Mel B was dejected after going to Mary J. Blige’s concert at Wembley Arena on Tuesday night, which had the singer rise from her seat when Mary thanked celebrities for showing up. Blige told the audience, “I want to say a big thank you to all the celebrities in the audience who have come to see me. We got Sting in the house, Stella McCartney and Miss Sweet Dreams herself Lennox. And how could I forget… my main man Trevor Nelson.” But no mention of Mel, who sat back down wishing she never went to the show, which was meant to cheer her spirits after her split with actor Max Beesley.

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