Mel C Doesn’t Try To Be Robbie Williams

The Sun reports former Spice Girl Mel C laughed off comparisons between her and Robbie Williams. She told the tab at the EMI Brit Awards after-party, “I don’t try and be like Robbie, I think I’m much better than him anyway.”

Is Looking For A Wife

February 21, 2003 – tells The Mirror he’s more determined than ever to find a wife despite his recent breakup with model Rachel Hunter. “I’m currently in the mode of looking for Mrs Williams, not Mrs Right Now but I don’t actually know a lot of people in LA,” he said. “The LA culture isn’t weird for me at all because I stopped drinking a while ago. It’s great for me, there’s a great coffee culture. So me and a couple of mates just go trawling around bars or the cinema. That’s where Mrs Right Now comes by and says ‘Hi’. I’m currently like, ‘Free Single Pop Star, Straight Acting, Needs Wife’.”

Mel C Ditches Manufactured Pop

February 14, 2003 – Capital FM recently chatted with Mel C and asked the singer about her new album ‘Northern Star’, which has steered her completely away from the manufactured pop sound of her former group, the Spice Girls. “It’s not something I think too much about to be honest with you,” Mel said of the differences. “I’m just doing what I feel comfortable doing. It just happens to not be manufactured pop.”

Mel C Apologizes For

February 8, 2003 – The London Star reports Mel C apologized for the Spice Girls, who she says started all “this sh**” of manufactured bands. She also said she was worried for S Club singers and “Those little ones, the S Club juniors, that’s sick.”

Mel C Critical Of Judge Ginger

January 19, 2003 – Former Spice Girl Mel C has spiced up the feud with ex-bandmate and ‘Pop Rivals’ judge Geri Halliwell. She told CD:UK, “Geri has not got the talent to be judging other people’s talent.”

Fight Was Due To A Handbag

January 15, 2003 – The Mirror reports former Spice Girl Mel C’s boyfriend Thomas Starr got booted by bouncers Mel’s birthday bash over the weekend because they thought he was trying to steal someone’s handbag. “He was really drunk and acting like an idiot but he wasn’t going through anyone’s bag,” says clubbers Stephen Kirk. “He was trying to find his cigarettes but there were loads of packs between people’s bags. He was trying to work out which were his. Someone said they hoped he wasn’t nicking anything and then it all kicked off.”

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