Mel C Happier Than Ever With Thomas Starr

The Sunday People reports former Spice Girl has finally quashed rumors that she is a lesbian after a string of failed romances and told how handsome Thomas Starr has made her happier than she ever thought possible. “I don’t care what sexuality people are but it brought friends into the spotlight and I don’t like doing that,” she said. “People are always speculating about my love life, but this one is the real thing. It is hard to find a nice guy nowadays so I feel very lucky to have Tom with me.”

Mel C Talks Marriage & Kids

April 27, 2003 – After former Spice Girl Mel C’s performance at Middlesbrough on Thursday, she told of how well things were going with boyfriend Thomas Starr. “I’m at a really good stage of my life right now,” Mel told The Mirror. “My career is going well and I’m feeling really good about myself personally. I’ve been with Tom for more than a year and things couldn’t be better. There’s still a lot I want to achieve career-wise but I also want to get married and have kids. That’s very important to me.”

Mel C And Settle Differences

April 20, 2003 – The Sunday People reports Mel C and have paved the way for the next stage of the Spice Girls’ comeback by healing their rift in Los Angeles. “Mel C denies it all the time but the Spice Girl reunion is very much on,” a source said. “She and Geri have been discussing some ideas before all five meet again.”

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