Mel C Says Girls Aloud Will Never Match Spice Girls Success

The Mirror reports that has blasted Girls Aloud claiming they’ll never match the success of the Spice Girls. “It is frustrating at times when I see some acts that are at the top of the charts, but the fact is I was there for years with the girls and now it’s their turn,” Chisholm said of her solo difficulties. “There’s no doubt Girls Aloud are absolute babes but, to be honest, they always look miserable. I’m not sure they enjoy the work as much as we did when we were in our prime. They’re good but they’ll never be the next Spice Girls. We had something special that they’ll never emulate.”

Melanie C Blasts ‘Rude Big Mouth’ Robbie Williams

April 8, 2005 – Former Spice Girl phoned into the Kyle and Jackie O. show on Austereo earlier this week to promote her new album ‘Beautiful Intentions’. Mel talked about how a reunion “has never been discussed”, dealing with negative press, her new look, living up to images in magazines and being airbrushed and how Robbie Williams didn’t bed all but one of the Spice Girls. The singer moaned, “After all these years in the business, he shouldn’t have such a big mouth. Whether it’s true or he was joking, it’s a very rude thing to say.” The interview at has since been removed.

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