Melanie Brown Gets In Twitter War With Dan Wootton

Melanie Brown got into a heated Twitter argument with News of the World gossip columnist Dan Wootton on Friday (June 24). Apparently Mel B wasn’t happy about some reporting on whether she’d replace on the UK version of ‘The X Factor’. The former Spice Girl will be a judge on the Australian version of ‘X Factor’. The Tweets included “butt hole” insults, accusations of homophobia, stalking and that Mel’s hubby Stephen Belafonte is the author of most of her Twitter messages. The pair write:

Dan (@danwootton): You have SERIOUS ISSUES Melanie. RT @OfficialMelB: @danwootton is a butt hole!!! That’s the word on the st anyway!!!

Mel B (@OfficialMelB): @danwootton your becoming a stalker, if you don’t like me STOP following me you weirdo!!!

Dan: @OfficialMelB Responding to you calling me a “butt hole”. That UK X Factor rejection has really got to you hasn’t it.

Dan: @OfficialMelB And I suppose it must be hard to be blanked so publicly by Victoria too.

Mel B: @danwootton your just mad cos your a butt hole, guess I struck a cord hahaha

Mel B: @danwootton ah sorry Dan your not a butt hole, your a smelly butt hole, ha ha

Dan: @OfficialMelB What a shame you’re so controlled by Stephen. I know exactly what your family mean.

Dan: I was (still am tbh) the BIGGEST fan. So sad to see one of their members come to this. Bye bye @OfficialMelB’s career.

Mel B: @danwootton sorry Dan your not a smelly butt hole,your a wide butt hole, ha ha

Mel B: @danwootton thank you my love now please unfollow me asap (super big butt hole)

Dan: @OfficialMelB Nice and homophobic there. A bit ironic given the actions of Stephen that I’ve heard about.

Mel B: @danwootton homophobic,me never your, just mad cos your a big butt hole and you eat toilet paper,hahaha

Dan: Like that @OfficialMelB (and her man) are showing their true colors right now. How long till they delete these tweets…

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