Melanie C. Greatest Hits Collection Planned For Release

Contributed anonymously:

According to EMI International’s 2005 release schedule, ex-Spice Girl, will release a greatest hits collection. The record company dropped Melanie in 2003 when poor sales of her sophomore album were reported. The name of the album is, ‘Best of Melanie C.,’ and it is to be released April 4th, 2005. Melanie has no control over the album’s release and word has it she is upset considering she has only had two albums. The complete tracklisting was leaked a few days ago.

Read on for the complete track listing of, ‘Best of Melanie C.’

‘Best of Melanie C.’
Melanie C.

1.Goin Down
2.Northern Star
3.Never Be the Same Again (Featuring Lisa ‘Left Eye’ Lopes)
4.I Turn To You
5.If That Were Me
6.When You’re Gone (With Bryan Adams)
7.Gaga (Featued in the movie, ‘Big Daddy’)
8.Go! (Featured in the movie, ‘Whatever It Takes’)
9.Here It Comes Again
10.On The Horizon
11.Yeh, Yeh, Yeh
13.Let’s Love
14.I Wonder What It Would Be Like (Bonus Track)
15.Knocked Out (Bonus Track)
16.Living Without You (Bonus Track)

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