Melanie Chisholm Blasts Posh’s New Single As ‘Atrocious’

The Mirror reports that in an interview with Heart 106.2’s Harriet Scott, to be aired this Saturday, Melanie Chisholm is blasting her former Spice Girls bandmate Victoria Beckham, claiming she’s heard a snippet of Victoria’s new double A-side single – ‘This Groove’ and ‘Let Your Head Go’, and isn’t the least impressed. “I thought it was atrocious – I’m not being horrible, I’m just giving my opinion,” she said. “I thought it was a terrible song. Lyrically, it was weak.” Mel even offered advice that no doubt will add fuel to their feud. “If I was Victoria I would enjoy my husband, enjoy my family, enjoy the money that they’ve got and give the music a rest,” she sneered.

Posh Would Rather Sing Than Act

Sky News reports former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham revealed to a source that she turned down two chances to appear in the cult ITV1 drama ‘Footballers’ Wives’. She said: “Some say I cannot sing, but I feel better doing that than the acting at this stage.”

Posh Drops The Pout After Oral Fix

Former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham is more likely to smile now that she’s had her teeth whitened and straightened. She showed off her new mouth while hubby David picked up his OBE last week at Buckingham Palace and in an interview with Michael Parkinson, dropping her trademark pout.

“Victoria has always been very self-conscious about her teeth,” a source close to Posh revealed. I don’t know why this is because there is nothing wrong with them. But it’s partly the reason she has always pouted so much – because she doesn’t like her smile. Now she has had some work done on her teeth. After years in the limelight she decided to have them straightened out and whitened. I doubt she will admit to having the work done, though, because she’s so conscious of her image.”

Read more and check out the before and after pictures here.

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