Melinda Bell Checks In From *NSYNC Tour

online spokesperson Melinda Bell gave fans a new update from the band’s latest tour stop on Tuesday. Melinda wrote: “Tonight we are in Detroit, well Auburn Hills. It has been such a great tour. Joe, our road manager, is so excited he has a fan club… Oh my gosh! You guys have no idea the monster you are creating. Easter was nice. We had a big crew party and a bunch of the crew went to the Detroit Pistons game. The Easter Bunny also left everyone baskets on their bunks. We can hardly believe the tour is half over… wow, it has flown by. Lance is working on his story about his trip to Russia. Will post it soon. Until then Stay *NSYNC, Melinda.”

Are Trying To Mature Their Sound

March 31, 2002 – John Sinkevics of The Grand Rapids Press spoke with *NSYNC’s where he revealed the group will continue its trend of writing more of its own material and swaying away from the ‘boy band’ sound. Chris said, “If the business people had their way about it, they would milk us as a boy band the rest of our life until it didn’t work anymore and then drop us. We’re trying to mature with our sound. We write what we like and we like what’s popular.”

*NSYNC Concert Was About Vocalizing This Time

March 31, 2002 – Jon Bream of the Star Tribune was at the *NSYNC concert Saturday night at Target Center in Minneapolis calling the performance an “underwhelming but entertaining show.” He added, “This concert was about group vocalizing, which was impressive; dancing, which was solid, and getting close to the fans, which scored big points with the concertgoers.”

*NSYNC Concert Experience With Club Feel Tested

March 30, 2002 – George M. Thomas of the Beacon Journal reports Regal Cinemas’ Montrose Movies 12 is one of the first sites testing the latest entertainment concept combining technology with pop culture. The technology, called InTheater blends concert footage with a nightclub atmosphere, peeks behind stage with digital video and audio.

*NSYNC Check Out Rob Zombie Show & Strip Club

March 30, 2002 – Tammy Swift of The Forum reports *NSYNC hit the Rob Zombie concert at the Fargo Civic and the Northern Gentlemen’s Club in Fargo Thursday night. Tom Blair, operations manager at the Northern said of the guys, “They brought an entourage and a whole bunch. Everyone who was 21 and above, they were here.” He added, “They had a few drinks and had a great time. Were they well-behaved? Absolutely. There were no problems, no fights. But then we have a pretty dang good security staff.”

David Crosby Blasts Britney Spears & *NSYNC

March 30, 2002 – Associated Press reports veteran rocker David Crosby of Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young took a break from his “Tour of America” to assess the current crop of musicians. Crosby said, “There’s some good people out there, but there’s a lot of fluff. Things like *NSYNC and Britney. These people are about as deep as a birdbath.”

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