Melissa Schuman Quits Dream

fan site reports Melissa Schuman (the tall blonde and most popular member) has quit the group. Her father Jerry told the site, “Its true. Melissa officially resigned from Dream about 2 weeks ago. She has been very unhappy for quite some time about things that have transpired in the past and the way things were working out for the future. This decision was not an easy one and she felt she had no other options.

Melissa will continue to pursue an acting and solo career. Melissa wants most of all to thank her fans for all their love and caring. She also wants to ask that you continue to support the girls in the future and wishes them luck and love.

On a personal note, its been a great experience interacting with you fans. You have been gracious and generous with undying support for the girls. I will be turning over the website to one of the other parents. It will be up to them to decide what to do with it.”

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