Menudo Visits CosmoGIRL Offices

The guys from made jean jackets for charity in the CosmoGIRL office, and the mag documented the pop group’s visit with a video clip recorded a few months ago but just posted on their YouTube channel.

Monti talked about how each member’s style is reflected in their singing and dancing, and the guys performed a capella.

“Each one of us has a different style in the group,” Monti said. “So each one of us, that style reflects not only on the singing but also on the dancing. So my style, I’m like the Latin guy of the group. You name it I like it. I can dance it and I can sing it to. I just love the Latin culture. Anything that’s Latin like Latin food, I love it. Carlos is into urban. Very, very hip hop. Chris is the R&B guy. Jose, pop rock. Emmanuel, he’s like the tone guy. His accent brings this spice to the group. This special thing that girls just go wild for his accent. With all these styles, they come together and they form Menudo.”

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