Merry Christmas From Natalie Horler

Cascada singer Natalie Horler

Natalie Horler of checked in with fans on the German Eurodance group’s blog at MySpace (@cascada), wishing them a Merry Christmas. Horler writes:

Hey my lovelies!

As I sit here in Toronto getting ready to go to the airport to fly home, I have to think about what an amazing year it’s been… and so much of it is thanks to you! The success of ‘Evacuate’ was more than we expected or could have dreamed of and we’re all anxious to start 2010 with a bang and see what other surprises await us:) I want to wish everyone a wonderful Christmas and hope you can enjoy this time with your families and friends… it’s certainly what I will be doing! Also to all of you in our forum – you’ve become sort of a backbone for us now and we couldn’t do without you! Thanks to you all for all your support and your love… it’s YOU out there who keep us motivated to get on that next plane, write that next song, shoot our next video and get up on that stage again and again. Yann, Manuel and of course all the lads say hi and so does and everyone in our team!

Have a marvelous new year and I’ll look forward to seeing you soon in 2010, when we’ll start some new adventures :)

Lots of love, Nat xx

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    Tell me, Please what is Your favorite color?

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