Merry Christmas From Sandi Thom, New Album’s Done

checked in with her MySpace friends (@sandithom) on Monday (December 24) with the following bulletin:

Hello helloo schmoo’s… It’s been a long time huh!!! Well let me tell you even though you ain’t heard from me, I’ve been a busy little bee… The album’s done and dusted, 12 glorious tracks coming your way next year!!

Got the first tour of then year coming up in February… Let me tell you your all gonna get a shock when you see the shales I’m pulling on this gig!! I’m not giving anything away but I’ll just tell you that it involves me playing 4 instruments at once and singing!!.. I’ve been practicing a lot recently!!! he he…

your all enjoying the advent calendar, I shot some hilarious footage the other day with the boys so I’m pretty excited to see it!!

Heading home for Xmas soon, and playing in Aberdeen at the new year which is gonna be great cos me and all my mates are heading up in the tour bus and were gonna have a bit of a party on the way!!

It’s gonna be ace, I hope everyone’s done their Xmas shopping!!

I know I have…. (yeh right!)



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