Messages In Music

Contributed by esjrjun2:

is causing a stir with her new video, ‘Everytime’. It supposedly features Britney committing suicide because she is unhappy with her life. This video scenario prompted me to think what kind of messages that artists like Spears are trying to send to their audience through their videos. Britney’s latest video is depressing and shows that she approves of suicide when unhappy with a situation. on the other hand has constantly released videos with a message of empowerment and self-esteem. The message in ‘Beautiful’ and ‘The Voice Within’ is positive and inspiring. ‘Dirrty’, ‘Fighter’, and ‘Can’t Hold Us Down’ all contain messages of sexual, emotional, and female empowerment. While Christina is inspiring our generation to hang in there and feel good about ourselves, Britney is telling us that it’s okay to commit suicide if we feel the need to.

Just my opinion.

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