Michael Jackson And Entourage Leave Hotel Room A Mess

Sources tell Star magazine that Miami’s Mandarin Oriental hotel staffers were shocked by what they found after ’s clan left their six-bedroom suite (No. 2001) — racking up $200,000 in expenses. “Someone wrote all over the paintings and walls with a black marker,” one spy revealed. “There was a pet hamster and a pet rat left behind, and junk food and dirty diapers on the floor.”

Jacko’s Open House Piggybacks On Bennifer Wedding

September 11, 2003 – Jeannette Walls of MSNBC.com reports that Michael Jackson’s party planners have been taking advantage of the celebrity invasion with the and Ben Affleck now cancelled wedding in his Neverland hometown of Santa Barbara, since he’s holding his big $5,000 a ticket open house this weekend. A source revealed that when they called regarding the tickets, and claims that the person selling them “did a very hard sales pitch,” talking about how the party would be only twenty minutes from the big wedding. “They kept saying, that it was highly likely that Ben and Jen would drop by and they kept rattling off the names of the other guests who were expected to attend the wedding, like Matt Damon, and saying they might show, too,” the source explained. “It seemed to me they were trying to piggy-back Michael’s party on the Bennifer wedding.” That sales pitch may have to go now, but it still appears the Jacko event will go down this weekend.

ITV To Settle With Jacko

September 9, 2003 – The Guardian reports Michael Jackson is close to reaching a settlement with ITV, British TV company that produced Martin Bashir’s documentary about the King of Pop. The network has reportedly agreed to make a payment to a charity chosen by Jackson if he drops his lawsuit. “We are talking about a settlement and making a payment to charity,” an ITV insider confirmed. “But we stand by Martin, the program and the producers. We won’t be making any apology or paying any damages or costs.” Read more.

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