Michael Jackson Begs Nicole Kidman For A Date

Michael Jackson 'Human Nature'

The Mirror reports that has been begging Nicole Kidman to accompany him to the upcoming MTV Video Music Awards. “There was a call from his people to mine asking if he could take me to the Awards,” confirmed the 37-year-old actress during a radio interview in her native Australia. “I had never even met him, it was a little strange. I did decline but, hey, the way my love life is I took it as a great compliment.”

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3 thoughts on “Michael Jackson Begs Nicole Kidman For A Date

  1. ericpop27 says:

    C’mon Nikki, you’re hot. I know you’re not that desperate. I mean hell, I’ll go with ya:) And I even promise not to molest your children!

  2. leerch says:

    Innocent until proven guilty so calling him a child molester without proof is like calling you a wanker.

  3. Anna says:

    Another dumb story. All I can say is AS IF!
    MJ wouldn’t give a damn to a Tom psycho Cruise’s Ex.

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