Michael Jackson Blows Up At Sony Chairman

The New York Daily News reports a music-industry insider has revealed to them recently phoned up Sony Music Chairman Tommy Mottola to blast him for not spending enough cash on his ‘Invincible’ CD. The insider claims, “Michael flipped. He accused Tommy of dropping the ball. You don’t accuse Tommy of anything. The conversation was very difficult.”

Jermaine Jackson Says Family In ‘Nice And Happy Place’

January 14, 2002 – Jermaine Jackson revealed that he’s going ahead with plans for both a musical and a book to document his singing family’s history. As for how the often gossiped about family is getting along now, Jermaine said, “The family is in a nice and happy place. My mother’s in great spirits these days. She loved seeing her sons back together on stage at Michael’s concerts last September. LaToya’s back in the fold, and she and my mother are back to being very close. She hears from all of her children often. The other day I was at her house and Janet called to say goodbye before flying out on her tour of Japan. That’s the way the family is.”

American Music Awards About Sales, Not Good Music

January 14, 2002 – David Browne of Entertainment Weekly wonders why the American Music Awards have gained in credibility in recent years despite the show catering to top selling acts and overlooking anything else. Browne cites being awarded the Artist of the Century award for reasons that Chris Tucker at the event stated was for being “the biggest-selling artist of all time.” Browne sighs, “That said it all, now and forever, for the priorities of the American Music Awards.”

Mitchell Says Kids Secretly Into

January 13, 2002 – Graham Reid of the New Zealand Herald talked with Alien Ant Farm’s Dryden Mitchell ahead of their performance at Big Day Out where he explained the popularity of the band’s MJ cover, ‘Smooth Criminal’. Mitchell said, “Kids had secretly been into Michael Jackson. I’d ask them about him and they’d say, ‘Screw him, he’s a freak’, then we’d play the song and they’d go crazy. It’s cool not to like him – he is a weirdo – but he’s also a musical genius. I’m not too excited about his new album [Invincible] but just about everything he’s done is great.”

Rumors Of Jacko’s Musical Death Greatly Exagerrated

January 11, 2002 – Craig Seymour of Cox News Service is profiled that those quick to write off Michael Jackson appear to be wrong as the singer’s television draw for his CBS special and the ensuing war between the American Music Awards and the Grammys are evidence of that. In addition, the singer’s latest single ‘Butterflies’, is getting strong radio play prompting Tosha Love, music director of Atlanta’s WVEE-FM (103.3) to say, “This song solidified that Michael’s really back. He’s showing you, ‘I’m still the Michael Jackson that did ‘Billie Jean’ and ‘Rock With You.’ because ‘Butterflies’ really falls along those lines.”

Jacko Has An Extra Hole In His Nose

January 11, 2002 – Sky News has photos of Michael Jackson from the American Music Awards which depending on what angle he’s viewed from, shows what appears to be a cavity in his nose. In another shot, the light can be seen reflecting off his glitter jacket and casting shadows across his face. Check out the strange pictures and more comments on his facial disfigurements here.

Kilborn Jokes On Flippin’ Channels Watchin’ Jacko

January 11, 2002 – Craig Kilborn joked during his Thursday night monologue, “This is true. Last night I was flipping between the Michael Jackson special and the Laker game. Flipping back and forth. For a split second, I actually thought I saw a white guy make a lay-up.”

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