Michael Jackson Buys Coffin For Neverland Ranch

The Sun reports Michael Jackson has splashed out $34,000 on a gold-plated coffin. Jacko picked the ornate design from a catalog after visiting an undertaker in Las Vegas. He then asked shocked workers to ship the box to his Neverland Ranch in California, and many speculate it was purchased for his own funeral.

Jacko Mistaken For Impersonator In Vegas

September 20, 2002 – The Las Vegas Review Journal reports the cashier at Guinness World Records Museum assumed one of the three men walking in was a Michael Jackson imitator, so she charged each the $6.50 admission. Well it really was Jacko, who was in pajamas with a pair of bodyguards.

Bashir Interviews Michael Jackson

September 16, 2002 – Peoplenews.com reports Michael has agreed to be interviewed by Martin Bashir in his home, Neverland ranch. The interview will include a tour of the Neverland ranch – complete with private zoo, fun fair and a school for his three children, and will show Jackson teaching the TV journalist to moonwalk.

Jacko Eyes Pricey Vases In Vegas

September 16, 2002 – The Las Vegas Review Journal reports Michael Jackson was spotted eyeing two $250,000 lapis blue matching candelabrum and clock vases Friday at the Regis Gallery, a high-end art and antique store at The Venetian.

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25 thoughts on “Michael Jackson Buys Coffin For Neverland Ranch

  1. Raynor says:

    The king of pop has died and can now use this coffin.

  2. Jacquelyne Rose Thomas says:

    Dear Michael Jackson,
    May the angels of the lord guide you you in your
    rest. I Love You and Jesus Loves You too .
    I will always be your fan Remember your dance moves
    and growing up to your music at the age of 8 years old
    I will always love your music and you .
    Knowing you are in heaven with Jesus .
    I Love You and Love you .
    I will always care about you will be remembered Forever
    and ever.Remember I will put you in my wall and keep you
    in my prayers.

    I Love You Micheal Jackson
    you will always be THE KING OF POP forever

    Rest777 in Heaven with JESUS CHRIST



  3. Allysan says:

    It’s so sad he had to die!!!!:'(

  4. Allysan says:

    It’s not fair but yes knows he can use his coffin!!! :'(

  5. snapshotyazz says:

    He was my favorite boy singer. I can’t believe hes gone. I will keep him in my prayers always.


  6. sarah says:

    I will always love you forever in our hearts

  7. Breeanna says:

    Michael, I know you didn’t like people to call you this, but, your the king of Pop, brother, and your spirit will be like your music, it WILL live on forever! Rest in peace!


  8. Breeanna says:

    Dear Michael,
    You are my 2nd favorite singer because no body could take the place of Selena Quintanilla- Perez! I love you Selena and Michael, rest in peace!

    Selena- Queen of Tejano
    Michael- King of Pop

  9. dan says:

    sad, but all you stupid people seem to forget he was a scum sucking dirt bag, all the rape charges, all the drug charges, and now it is pointing that he has the Anna Nichole addictions as well,

  10. alvinstatic says:

    dear MJ. You are my legacy forever, may the lord be with you, amen.

  11. alvinstatic@gmail.com says:

    rest in peace MJ

  12. Le says:

    No one knows what happens in the last hours/minutes before your last breath. For those who feel that he did wrong or his music was not godly, take a look in the mirror of your life and family members. He without sin cast the first stone. Therefore, it is left up to God not us to judge. May God strengthen the children and family to cope with the loss of a father, son, brother, etc. It is a hard thing to do but God can and will comfort you if you let him.

  13. Le says:

    Many stars – singers/rappers feel that they can’t make it if they don’t use profanity or videos with SEXUAL overtones. Look at and listen to Michael’s songs/videos. They have great dance moves that are often imitated but not quite duplicated. The words to his songs can be played from beginning to end without the bleep bleep bleep. Emulate that. He gave to help people around the world and in the good old USA. Emulate that. We all know someone that has done something or was accused of doing something that was not so nice. However, should we only look at that one thing and not look at his whole life. Does the good outweigh the bad? Jackson family, the children need you now more than ever. Pray comfort, and guide them. As you do this, you might not know which way to go at times but remember that the says, “In all thy ways acknowledge him and he shall direct your paths.” Keep your heads up and stay prayerful.

  14. Cathy says:

    Selena has nothing to do with this. I love Minnie Ripperton and Ellis Regina but today I will talk about Michael Only. Dearest Michael Jackson- My heart is simply… Broken. So sorry for the pain you endured as you smiled though your heart was breaking. God said come home and I believe despite all earthly commitments you were ready to go. It was not a nap you laid down for it was the desire for relief the only kind eternity can bring. Godspeed Michael

  15. Penny MacDonald says:

    How very unfortunate that we have lost such a valuable entertainer so soon. It’s too bad there are so many ignorant people who won’t even let a man who wanted nothing more than to create happiness in the world to rest in peace. I wish for him the happiness and respect that he so deserved but never seemed to find while he was here on earth with us. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for the many years of wonderful entertainment that you graced us with Michael…you will never be forgotten. Rest in peace!

  16. Neil says:

    His music is good,his dancing is good,but I am afraid to say that as a person, I didn’t like MJ for who he was.My heart goes out to his family at this time.I am a Cliff Richard and he has been going strong for 50 years.He is a LEGEND.

  17. pauline says:

    Jesus loves you, I know you have found the peace that you have sought. Be blessed

  18. Debbie says:

    I am glad he knew what a beautiful coffin he was buried in. For some odd reason, it gives me some comfort knowing that he liked it. I wish they would bury him so he can rest in peace. There should be site with a statue of him and lots of places where people can sit. I don’t understand why the family doesn’t want people to visit his grave. That’s what they’re for ~ the living. I would certainly want to visit. He gave me lots of joy and I wish he would have more joy in his life. He had success; I hope he had joy.

  19. Dani says:

    I love him. I love everything about him. I love watching him sing, move, talk, laugh, smile, act weird, the way he dresses, his eccentricities, his outlandish ridiculous amount of talent, unmatched. I just love him. I miss him badly and am surprised at how deeply effected I am by his untimely death. I think Cathy is right, I think on some level, he was ready to go. I wish he would have had a better father. Debbie is right, too. He would have been huge with or without his father making the group. He was born to do what he did. I love him and miss him already and am so saddened that I’ll never get to watch him grow old. There are very few people in this world who have ever had the kind of adoration that he had. I wish he would have had a happier life. He was pure and childlike. Not a criminal at all. A great and odd and creative person and the ultimate, there can only ever be one, entertainer.

  20. goldice [ the legend to be ] says:

    he was and still remains to be my mentor
    may his soul rest in peace .

  21. makondesamacdonald says:

    well sh** always happens, I can’t even believe what happen, but anywhere thus the way of everyone.may his soul rest in peace

  22. debbie says:

    what a legend, can’t believe he was taken just before he had chance to get back out there and strut his stuff. my thoughts are with his family during this difficult time, and may his soul now be at rest.

  23. Tis_ruthy says:

    Hmmm this wasn’t long after he called Tommy Mottola the devil…something strange going on here…

  24. jessica says:

    I listened to his music as a kid he used to be my star I’m sorry to his loved ones and the suffering of his fans gods got his back RIP Mikey forever your fan Jess

  25. Julliany says:

    I Love You Michael the king of pop

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