Michael Jackson Can’t Stop Crying

Globe magazine reports that according to a key insider, has been calling family members in the middle of the night in tears, feeling the pressure of his child molestation charges. “He’s really having a hard time right now,” the source revealed. “It looks like it’s all starting to get to him. He still maintains his innocence, but he is very, very depressed and scared. As always, he remains very close to his mother, Katherine. And he has trusted his brother Randy with all the day-to-day details of his defense.”

Jackson’s Big Screen Hopes On Hold

June 1, 2004 – The New York Daily News reports Michael Jackson’s legal woes may have stalled his big screen hopes, where he had landed a 10-minute role in Bryan Michael Stoller’s spoof ‘Miss Cast Away’, starring former ‘Joe Millionaire’ Evan Marriott. “We’ve sort of had to put things on hold,” Stoller revealed, adding that Jacko “has an amazing vision” after spending at least one day a week at Neverland “mentoring” him on filmmaking.

Another Claim Of Abuse

May 29, 2004 – News of the World reports that a second youngster has accused Michael of sex abuse, alleging the singer filmed him as he carried out depraved acts. “I wouldn’t be in his bedroom. He’d do the sadistic acts, sometimes taping it, in a darkly lit room. He’d just be getting his kicks,” the now 18-year-old accuser revealed. “The room had bare walls and had two camera lights and a chair which he’d make me sit in. There might have been a bed too. It was dark. I recall a director-type, an older guy with white hair. He would be holding the video camera and directing, telling Jackson what to do and sometimes they’d collaborate.”

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One thought on “Michael Jackson Can’t Stop Crying

  1. leerch says:

    This story was sold to the News of the World-that goes to show how credible it is. This boy went to the police in Santa Barbara and they found him to be bogus. Court TV even said it -image a positive story about Mike on Court TV? He then went to LA and LA said they could not even find credibility with him on whether he even been around Jackson. The boy’s lawyer is Gloria Allred – the one who keeps giving news conference saying that Mike’s child should be taken away. The Child Welfare has done an investigation based on this women’s continuous harassment and made an official decision that Michael Jackson’s kids will not be taken away.She lost that battle so now she is trying to ride the Michael Jackson money house with this bogus kid. so happens the psychiatrist for this kid is her Friend Carol Lieberman. People are evil.

    Is this the same rag that said he was freaking out on the plane when he was turning himself into to the police and he wanted to fly to South America to avoid arrest? Well, thanks to the person you hid the camera on that plane, we saw a VERY CALM Michael Jackson on that plane. The media.. who needs them?

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