Michael Jackson Charged On 9 Counts

AAP reports has been formally charged in a case stemming from allegations he molested a cancer-stricken boy invited to his Neverland Ranch. Jackson could face up to 24 years in jail if convicted on nine counts of alleged child molestation.

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6 thoughts on “Michael Jackson Charged On 9 Counts

  1. MegoLego says:

    good and finally…

  2. moniaboo says:

    yeah. so he is (was) a celebrity…. who cares. he molested a child (children). die in a slammer you sick bastard

  3. Hotstar says:

    You don’t know what he did, let a jury decide, Ok. And learn to spell…please!

  4. Hotstar says:

    I don’t know if he is guilty or not,,, and unlike some a-holes^ I will not assume I know the truth,, and just let the courts decide if he did it. Until then the man deserves to be treated as if he was innocent, that is how the justice system works and everyone has that right….and thank god for that!

  5. jazzprofounder says:

    They have already treated michael as a guilty man before they had any proof of the allegation being true in the first place, yet alone a reasonable statement to back up opinions about the allegation. I believe in my heart that michael is innocent….the media is the one that looks at poor michael as being a con man because of his eccentric behavior and ways…sure it might seem like he’s dangerous (like dangling his baby over a balcony for example), but not yet have we actually seen him hurt, abuse, or even touch a child in a way that’s vicious. The way Michael Jackson is treated is just the example of how the media bases the injustice of a celebrity through false judgement.

  6. shar says:

    the person who do or made to Michael Jackson go jail 24 year. please ask that person go to hell not Michael Jackson .stupid,stupid, stupid no brain that person do to Michael Jackson go jail. ask that person go to jail 24 year let that person taste as pain killer . I must give 10 beat that person face even animal even do not like that . he that person you want money go to hell you no leg to stang and fine your own money stupid,stupid

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