Michael Jackson Cleaning House

Roger Friedman of FoxNews.com reports that fired his longtime adviser and attorney John Branca Branca on Monday. The sudden news came just as Jackson’s manager, Trudy Green, left the singer. Last week, Jackson also fired his longtime accountant, Barry Siegel, as well. “It’s a cleaning of the house,” said a source. But not a total cleaning. Read more.

Indicted CFO Dangles Florida Estate At Jacko

March 6, 2003 – The New York Post reports Scott Sullivan, WorldCom’s indicted chief financial officer, is desperately trying to unload his unfinished Florida estate on another Michael Jackson. The disgraced moneyman has set a jaw-dropping asking price of $22.5 million for the 19,000 square foot Boca Raton pad.

Jacko’s Nose Like ‘A Mummy With Two Nostril Holes’

March 5, 2003 – Maureen Orth was on American Morning with Paula Zahn on Wednesday to talk about her big write up in the new issue of Vanity Fair. Asked about Jacko’s reported plastic surgeries and just how many times he’s gone under the knife, Orth said, “I don’t know about the exact numbers, but I do know I was talking to people that once you have so many surgeries and your skin becomes cauterized and the blood can’t come to the skin, it turns black and can fall off. And so I’ve talked to people who saw that Michael had no tip left to his nose and he has to wear a little piece on the end of it. And if you see him without the device on, he just looks like a mummy with two nostril holes, is what it was described to me.”

Friedman Whines About The World Of Jacko

March 5, 2003 – Roger Friedman of FoxNews.com is weighing in on the Maureen Orth story about that’s in the new Vanity Fair, and as usual is pouting about items he claims original credit for reporting. Friedman sniffs, “In fact, if you take out everything Orth learned about Jackson from the Fox411, you’re not left with much. Just the voodoo stuff (which amounts to a couple of paragraphs) and regurgitated information about Jackson’s alleged 13-year-old victim of molestation.” Friedman also is whining about the LaToya Jackson appearance on Larry King Live last night. The article at Foxnews.com has since been removed.

Jacko Voodoo Hexes Enemies Spielberg & Geffen

March 3, 2003 – Vanity Fair special correspondent Maureen Orth reports that paid $150,000 to an African voodoo chief who promised him that David Geffen and Steven Spielberg would soon die, which is just one of the shocking revelations in a new 10,000-word report, according to the Drudge Report.

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