Michael Jackson ‘Completely Upbeat’ Despite Charges

’s family friend Steve Manning was on Larry King Live on Thursday to talk about the King of Pop’s child molestation charges, and the heated telephone interview CNN had earlier in the day with Michael’s brother Jermaine Jackson. Manning said, “…first of all, Jermaine was very, very upset today. There have been many people have been coming on the TV shows over the last couple of days and been a frenzy of press that don’t know the family. They don’t know Michael. That’s why he’s upset about people speaking about the family.” Manning also had spent a lot of time with Jackson in the past 48 hours after the Neverland Ranch raid and subsequent charges. Manning said, “Nancy, he was completely upbeat. He was jovial. I was shocked. He was in a good spirit. I was really surprised to see him in a good mood and the family there to support him. Jermaine was there, his parents, his other brothers and sisters. He feels that he’s innocent and he is innocent, my personal opinion. And he feels that every time a project comes out, it’s a situation, something — a roadblock in his career.” Read more.

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