Michael Jackson ‘Dead Serious’ About Marrying Joanna Thomae

Michael Jackson 'Remember the Time'

Globe magazine reports wants to marry 20-year-old French beauty Joanna Thomae after dating the woman for nearly a year. An insider said, “As you can see, Michael adores Joanna and he’s planning to pop the question just as soon as possible. More importantly, he wants a wife by his side when his trial starts. Michael swears he is innocent, but he knows people will look at him differently if he is married.” The insider added, “Michael is dead serious about Joanna. Believe it or not, he’s just waiting to get up his nerve to ask her to marry him. But he shouldn’t be concerned that Joanna would refuse him. She lives for Michael and would jump at the chance to be his wife.”

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18 thoughts on “Michael Jackson ‘Dead Serious’ About Marrying Joanna Thomae

  1. ndg says:

    it is so sad that the king of pop is already dead. we are going to miss him but his music will be remembered forever.

  2. yosra says:

    This was CRAP,,and Not true…another fabricated Rumor..
    RIP MJ..

  3. hank says:

    if Michael Jackson had married Joanna Thomae he might still be alive. I think he needed that sort of grounding, someone else looking out for him instead of enablers

  4. EveClayton says:

    I would have loved to see MJ married to someone who would love him for him. He definately deserved that. But I read where she slept with one of the staff members? So, how would he want to marry her when she;s sleeping with other people that work for him. Do you really think MJ would want to be away and have to be thinking about whether if his wife is sleeping around or not. I don’t think so. MJ wanted someone faithful, and someone who he could trust.

  5. mubashira says:

    i would be very happy if Michael would have marry a girl

  6. Linda A. says:

    Specifically, Michael himself denied any relationship of any kind with Joanna. He’s not here to reiterate that; so she is going to try to “resurrect” a “relationship” with her handful of photos and trying to pass herself off as “Tinkerbell”. Officially, MJ told me himself, Tinkerbell to his Peter Pan was and therefore still should be, Janet
    Jackson, his beloved Sister. He called me Tinky2 and I told him I would rather defer to his Sister; he said there were only two, Janet and his back-up, me. He used to give me things that had Tinkerbell on them. Did you know that Tinkerbell that Disney used at the beginning of it’s movie show was modeled after Marilyn Monroe? I know this, because Lee Strasberg was like a Father to Marilyn Monroe and he told me. MJ’s codename for me, was Marilyn Monroe, because Strasberg told him that I reminded Strasberg of her, Strasberg called me, “Darling, you are my little French girl”. I used to think that was funny, since there was an older lady in class actually from France. MJ and I and Strasberg went to Monroe’s home, the home she died in, MJ and I stood in front of Monroe’s open Hot Point Refrigerator. That was a weird moment. MJ said, “I wonder what used to be in here you know, what she ate, what she liked.” Lee Strasberg inherited almost everything from Monroe after her death.

    Joanna’s photos are usually public and fan related. This may sound odd; but you know, one photo of them
    “together”; MJ on there looked photoshopped – because it looked like a photo I saw of him on his Driver’s License!
    Come on, in season or out, MJ had three categories of followers; his beloved fans that he would have done anything for and “groupies” and a sub-group of Stalkers.
    She was somewhere between groupy and Stalker. MJ only asked for her info because he wanted something she had access to, not her herself. MJ always went through respected people to be introduced to ladies he had interest in; not body guards, but others. I met MJ through Lee Strasberg, a Drama Coach he was referred to by Marlon Brando. Lee Strasberg on several occasions had me deliver MacDonald lunch to Marlon Brando and so he was familiar with who I was as well. Brando would put a ladder up against the inside of the wall around his property and hang his arm over and then there would be a small ladder on the outside of the wall and I would hand him lunch from McDonald’s from the outside; pretty funny. MJ asked Brando to attend a play/independent film presentation I was doing on the final day of it; Brando sat in the corner of this huge room and afterward clapped loudly in the dark and got up and walked out.
    MJ was a total gentleman with complete manners and he never ever asked any woman for her phone number himself. It had to have been business connected, particularly since MJ later denied any, that’s any
    relationship to her. In fact, he said he tried to help her because she was connected to a groupie part of his fan base and then she shamed him by sleeping around on his property. Clue, she said she was trying to get closer to MJ by doing that; that would be a clue she was like, not? N’cest pas??

    I want very much for MJ to get things his way; to have his music done his way, to have his opinions presented correctly his way, and for his reputation to be about his work, his religious/humanitarian/environmental beliefs and his ethereal art and genius. That is what he wanted as well. I hope, that MJ will one day rest in peace once the circus and train wreck of bizarre ladies passes. Don’t you?

  7. Donna says:

    @Linda A
    Thank you for your post. You were blessed to personally know MJ. I noticed, too, in the pictures not only what you mentioned, but that MJ is never really smiling. It breaks my heart to see the sadness and loneliness in his eyes. I really wish he would have shed the users and found ernest friends.

  8. You are not alone anymore says:


  9. Corrina says:

    @Linda A.

    Thank you so much.You have really eased my mind about it and I think it is beautiful that you had a connection to MJ.I wish I had of.

  10. Corrina says:

    I love you,Michael Jackson!

  11. mammamia says:

    well I think that this girl is just a famewhore and I believe Linda A…

  12. EJackson says:

    @Linda A….. MJ didn’t have a driver’s license!

  13. Kari says:

    LOL! Michael seemed to be a very wonderful, shy, loving humanitarian that I can see was blackballed by his own team perhaps. Different color hands and face. Doubles filling in for him. I can see a double entertainer either framing or perhaps, not able to control their personal habits. You can’t control another however; even though it is deceitful. I’d probably do it myself. The man is a legend period. The media will do anything for a story, even created one. That’s just how it goes when one is in the public eye. I love all of MJ’s work. He is truly talented not only musically, art and choreography as well. There are several hints that he is alive. The day this was announced on tv news. I noticed the people dropping the gurney his body was on several times they showed this clipping. As this happened I seen him peek out of the ambulance. This particular clipping has not surfaced. I am a very solitary person, I know what it feels like to be around many people yet still feel very alone. God bless you MJ Love in Yahshua, CHANGE THE WORLD NOW BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE! V

  14. Angel marie Presley says:

    Thank you so much for the information @linda

  15. dana says:

    Linda a is talking bullsh** sounds very jealous to me

  16. yahanna says:

    how come you people come out the wood works when you think Michael seriously was not dating that person. Is it just a story you want!!!

  17. Katina Jackson says:

    I think that’s totally false. Well, Michael now is in heaven. I think he was too much good for this world. There is not woman who deserves him.

  18. sandybeach says:

    They’re together in London at the hotel, and on tour bus when the fans are protesting against Sony…. 2002 check it out on youTube

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