Michael Jackson DNC Performance ‘Creepy’

Roger Friedman of FOXNews.com spoke with a couple at the Democratic fund-raiser in Harlem the other night, who said, “The whole part of the evening was creepy.” Friedman says actors were dressed up in “garb from around the world like a bad postcard” during the set, that had him asking “Can it be that Jackson really thinks of each nationality in stereotypes? Sombreros, painted faces, forelocks, etc.?” Read more.

Jacko DNC Set Cut Short

April 26, 2002 – The New York Post reports Michael Jackson agreed to perform at the Democratic Party fund-raiser at the Apollo on Wednesday night only after Bill Clinton personally asked him to. Jackson was kept from entertaining the crowd with a fourth song, ‘Thriller’, in his brief set when organizers asked him to stop because the show was running late.

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