Michael Jackson Double Was Approached

The Las Vegas Review Journal reports some are wondering if used a body-double after the King of Pop returned to Vegas after turning himself in to Santa Barbara police earlier this month. Lane Lassiter, a longtime local Jackson impersonator, has a hunch that’s what Jackson’s handlers had in mind when they met with him recently. “[Jackson’s representatives] came upstairs after the show and said they liked the picture I sent them,” said Lassiter. The story at reviewjournal.com has since been removed.

Micheal Jackson’s Accuser Is Reluctant To Speak Out

November 29, 2003 – Ratethemusic.com reports ‘Celebrity Justice’ producer Harvey Levin says Michael’s accuser is a reluctant witness. “This boy told a therapist that fondled him in his private parts, but he’s a very reluctant witness,” Levin said. “He did not come out and spill his guts about what allegedly happened between him and Michael Jackson. We’re told it literally had to be pulled out of him, first by attorney Larry Feldman and then by a therapist, who ultimately got the story from the boy.”

Jay Leno’s Jokefest

November 28, 2003 – Jay Leno joked during his Tonight Show monologue on Thursday night, “Kind of a quiet Thanksgiving at the Neverland Ranch. Last week the D.A. seized the kiddie table as evidence… Here’s a little riddle – hey Kev, where can you find Spiderman, Superman, Batman and The Hulk all together in the same place? Michael Jackson’s underwear drawer! … Michael Jackson now using the internet to communicate with his fans. Which makes sense, that’s how he met most of ’em… According to today’s L.A. Times, Michael Jackson owes over $200 million. Boy who is his accountant? Gray Davis… They said of course, $250,000 a month just to run the Neverland Ranch. That’s just to keep the help from talking… In fact the next time Michael Jackson puts on a surgical mask, it could be to rob a bank.”

Geragos Rumored To Be Meeting Michael Jackson This Weekend

November 28, 2003 – The Las Vegas Review Journal reports word out of Los Angeles is that Michael’s lead attorney, Mark Geragos, is heading for Las Vegas and weekend meetings with the singer. Rumor has it that Jackson and his entourage have an entire floor at the Ritz-Carlton at Lake Las Vegas.

Michael Jackson’s New Video Misses Premiere Date

November 28, 2003 – Michael’s new video ‘One More Chance’ was to make its world premiere on Friday on BBC’s Top of the Pops, but at the last minute plans were cancelled after his recording company Sony said it was not yet ready. “The video is being edited and is way behind schedule so it was impossible to use” on BBC television’s Top of the Pops, a Sony spokeswoman said. “It is due to come in on Wednesday, so they will be able to play it on a future show,” she said.

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