Michael Jackson: Eminem Should Be Ashamed For ‘Just Lose It’

Michael Jackson 'Who Is It'

Geraldo Rivera spoke with on his ‘At Large’ program on the Fox News Channel which aired on Saturday. Rivera asked the King of Pop about the Eminem single ‘Just Lose It’. “I’ve never met Mr. Eminem,” Jackson said. “I’ve always admired him. To have him do something like that, was pretty painful, as an artist to another artist. And it is sad. Because, well I think what Stevie Wonder said is true. I don’t want to say much more than that. But he should be ashamed of himself what he’s doing. Stevie said he’s full of bullsh**. I’m not saying it, it’s what Stevie said. He’s amazing, one of the sweetest men in the world.” Asked when Stevie said that if he felt a sense of reassurance of brotherly love there, Jackson responded, “Yes, I love Stevie Wonder. To me he’s a musical prove — prophet. A lot of people respect Stevie. When he speaks, people listen. And it was wrong of Eminem to do what he did. I’ve been an artist most of my life, doing what I do. And I’ve never attacked a fellow artist. Great artists don’t do that. You don’t have to do that.” Read more.

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14 thoughts on “Michael Jackson: Eminem Should Be Ashamed For ‘Just Lose It’

  1. janet says:

    yes Eminem Should Be Ashamed!

  2. Andy says:

    “Great artists don’t do that”… Well Eminem is on Michael’s level. He has had an equal impact on music, in the rap genre. When Eminem dies, the world (especially the hip hop world) will cry, just like when MJ did.

  3. umhhh says:

    I lost the respect and love for Eminem when I saw that. HE need not have done that, he is popular enough who didn’t need to demean another for record benefit. As it is known, Em mocks everyone around including his own mother so, this seems like just another one of his WAYS. Things may have been bad EM but everyone has their reasons which are understandable in most cases but does that make a person bad? your mother bad? I am no one to question but I only wonder the depth of bitterness in you.

  4. Drake says:

    Why should Eminem be ashamed? he disses everyone and everyone dissed MJ prior to his death! MJ was the one hanging his infant son from balcony and having sleepovers with young boys and showing up to court late and in his PJs!! MJ should’ve been ashamed.

  5. mayor says:

    to diss other artist is one thing, but to diss the king of pop and the best artist to ever walk the surface of this earth is another thing entirely. sure MJ is done some bullsh** while he was alive, but that don’t give nobody no right to make fun of him cos he ain’t got no lyrics. Eminem is just dumb

  6. MSAJS says:


  7. MSAJS says:

    Eminem is gay

  8. Alexandra says:

    @Andy that’s not true not even. Yes Eminem is like the most popular rapper but MJ is the most successful entertainer of all time according to Genius world records. Has broken more records than any other artist. Do the math.
    @Drake Michael did admit that holding Blanket over the balcony was a mistake and there’s nothing wrong with what MJ did. At least when Michael stands up for what he believes in hes not offending anybody and doesn’t trash people for no particular reason. If Eminem had a life he wouldn’t be talking and getting into others life and dissing them..

  9. Jishnu says:

    EMINEM might never be half as popular as MJ was but as an artist he’s the GREATEST. MJ was a legend and was lucky that he got dissed by the GOD himself.

  10. limin says:

    Yeah that was wrong Michael Jackson was just not any other artist I don’t care how popular he was at the time but you gotta have respect, he may have sold a lot of records but he is not even close to being in the same league as Michael!!!!!

  11. jslim says:

    I got respect for both artists, im a fan for both. Michael’s the king, the greatest entertainer to ever walk this earth. Eminem’s earn his respect by making his way up a black dominated gener and became a genius in what he does best, rhymes. but what he did just ain’t cool.

  12. mikeys-little-streetwalker says:

    “I don’t care if you’re black, white, straight, bisexual, gay, lesbian, short, tall, fat, skinny, rich, or poor. If you’re nice to me, I’ll be nice to you. Simple as that.” – Eminem

    So..um…Eminem..tell me, what did Michael ever do to you?

  13. shady says:

    Michael is the king of pop… sure ok I’ll agree to that. Eminem is the GOD of hip hop and a lyrical genius. Eminem has NOTHING to be ashamed of.

  14. Khan tabish says:

    Eminem should not be ashamed…….. MJ should be ashamed….idiots …….. Eminem is the best screw the rest… hahaha

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