Michael Jackson: False Child Abuse Allegations

Contributed anonymously: MJNEWS reports that more child abuse allegations have been made by British Tabloid, ‘News Of The World’. This is in fact a recycled story of the 1993 allegations designed to make look bad at this fragile time. There haven’t actually been no more allegations brought against Michael, that making the story printed in the tabloid totally false.

Was Jackson Framed?

February 9, 2003 – In wake of the Jordy Chandler court documents being released regarding pedophilia charges against Michael Jackson, the GQ story of the incident – ‘Was Framed?’ – should be revisited. Mary A. Fisher of GQ wrote in 1994, “It is, of course, impossible to prove a negative — that is, prove that something didn’t happen. But it is possible to take an in-depth look at the people who made the allegations against Jackson and thus gain insight into their character and motives. What emerges from such an examination, based on court documents, business records and scores of interviews, is a persuasive argument that Jackson molested no one and that he himself may have been the victim of a well-conceived plan to extract money from him.” The most damning evidence was from Dave Schwartz, who had been friendly with Evan Chandler (Jordy’s father), secretly tape-recorded a lengthy telephone conversation he had with him.

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