Michael Jackson Fuming Over Eminem’s New Video

voiced his displeasure with Eminem and his new video ‘Just Lose It’ in an interview with Steve Harvey on Tuesday. “I am very angry at Eminem’s depiction of me in his video [‘Just Lose It’],” Jacko told the radio host. “I feel that it is outrageous and disrespectful. It is one thing to spoof, but it is another to be demeaning and insensitive.”

Spokeswoman Calls Eminem Video ‘Malicious’

October 13, 2004 – Michael Jackson’s spokeswoman Ramone Bain tells The Chicago Sun-Times that Eminem’s new video ‘Just Lose It’ “exceeds what anyone could consider a satire or a spoof. This is malicious and totally insensitive.”

Wigs Out At Eminem Video

October 12, 2004 – After being dissed in Eminem’s new music video for ‘Just Lose It’, Michael Jackson is fighting back, his rep said on Monday. “Michael Jackson is very angry. He feels that Eminem has crossed the line,” Jackson’s rep Ramone Bain told The New York Daily News. “Michael is calling upon all networks to pull the video,” said Bain. Black Entertainment Television is expected to announce today that it will yank the video.

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10 thoughts on “Michael Jackson Fuming Over Eminem’s New Video

  1. leerch says:

    Being disrespectful is just that being disrespectful. A white man vomiting on a black man is DISRESPECTFUL. Child molestation is Not funny. Eminem thinks his sh*t don’t stink since he used blacks to get where he is and now he wants to disrespect them even with the song he did about black women. And don’t give me the idiot statement that Michael Jackson ain’t black. He is!!! Eminem has crossed the line. Use talent to sell records not mocking people and disrespecting them. Eminem was bullied as a child so I guess he has mastered the art all too well.

  2. AliciaMoore says:

    You are so full of crap. Its people who draw lines (white throwing up on black – not’, ‘the way it was intended) who are racist, because they notice the color. And this song is not even close to racist… not even Wacko Jacko is saying that.

    Michael Jackson is so far up his own ass. What is he worried about? That Eminem will tarnish his perfect reputation? Little late for that.

  3. PopTart says:

    Jacko isn’t black, he is an old Asian woman now. He is so disgusted by his own race he bleached his skin and get rid of all his features that made him black.

  4. leerch says:

    Why don’t I vomit on you just because I don’t like you.. would that be right? The man is innocent until proven guilty and when Eminem was being persecuted by the authorities and his ass almost went to jail for it… I am sure he appreciated that no one in the black community made fun of his trials.

  5. YeahWhat says:

    Everything’s racist huh? So anytime a white person does something to a black person it is racist, but if it was a black person throwing up on a black person it would be comedy. I don’t get that. I think the people who make these racist accusations are the actual racists themselves. I actually know it’s true.

  6. CanadianBSBFan says:

    It Is Comments Like This That Make Real Racism not believable. You notice Eminem makes fun of a lot of people in his video both white and black and he makes fun of himself too. Get over it (And I am Black myself before you go and call me a racist). People read too much into things some times.

  7. aligia says:

    You got a guy that has been accused twice of child-molesting and you make his mockery by Em a race issue. I think that the whole case- MJ being attacked cause he is a famous black man- has worked fine by now to dishonor the molested children ‘s families and this move by Em serves this too. Cause Em trivializes a very serious legal case. Anyway I think that Em lives his last glory as an artist so I hope he gets his money and tunnel inside Kim’s p!!!!!!! for good. I am fed up with his behavior and his last single wasn’t even music.

  8. xtina_rulz says:

    Eminem disses lots of people so why just because this time it happens to be a black person is it racist? And like somebody already posted: Eminem isn’t mocking MJ because he’s black it’s because he’s a child molester (allegedly anyway). Is everybody else who says something about that racist too?

  9. aligia says:

    To add ” The music biz ass-saved Mj in his first legal case’, ‘in fact an even fake marriage with Elvis’ daughter was staged just for people’s persuasion.Who believed that crap? The people who covered them were mostly WHITE, THE WHITE MTV, WHITE MEDIA ETC. Then he came back with a record that flopped and blamed it on Tommy ‘s racist MOTIVES . SO THE WHITE MEN OF THE WHITE MUSIC BIZ GOT TOO PISSED OFF WITH JACKO AND DECIDED TO STOP COVERING HIS MISTAKES. This my theory. JACKO IS FINISHED . IF THE SAVE HIS ASS AGAIN IS FOR CYNICALLY SHOWING THEIR POWER AS GAME-RULERS AND PROMOTING THE CAPITALIST STEREOTYPE OF THE RICH-BLACK/WHITE-HUNDRED-MAN BY ENVIOUS POOR PEOPLE.

    I agree with what you write about not needing blacks’ approval or help no more he behaves very arrogantly now cause he is more precious to the music biz than black hip hoppers.He sells more , he crossovers. I believe that he hid his true colors in regards to his tapes about black women since the majority of black artists appreciate him so much that they were concerned with his comments. Some people put up with his racism cause it has been bringing more money to their industry, rap industry.

  10. fayefan says:

    So anytime a white person does something to a black person it is racist -[Actually, it depends on the situation, if a white person were to play a faux cat fight with a black person, it would be funny as hell. But if a white person goes up to a black person in blackface with gangster clothes on, saying “whut up, nigga?”, you’d have some people laughing but the majority of the public practically yelling “racist white devil” at the top of their lungs] but if it was a black person throwing up on a black person it would be comedy. -[I personally think that would be disgusting and I’m sure people would agree.] There is a double standard that allows black people to get away with a lot of crap without getting called racist while if a white man does something that even SLIGHTLY resembles racism (like accidentally standing in line behind a black man), you’ve got Jesse Jackson knocking at his door with a police warrant to file hate crime charges. There is nothing we can do about it right now, since white people’s ancestors put black people’s ancestors through so much crap and everyone takes that into immediate *sp?* prospective when a white person does something *against the rules* to a black person. It takes a while for people to realize that black people, if not most American-blacks, are possibly the most anti-White race you’ll ever meet. All we can do is pray for a better future or some other optimistic crap. Well, I’m done. Please tell me how much you can’t stand people like me. *rolls eyes*

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