Michael Jackson Gets Another New – And Wider – Nose

Globe magazine has a big close-up photo of from his appearance at the American Bandstand 50th Anniversary taping and it is evident that his narrow and pointy nose has been worked on yet again. The magazine spoke with New York plastic surgeon Dr. Bruce Nadler, who after seeing the photo guessed Jackson had “spreader grafts’ inserted where the nose meets the cheek. Nadler explained, “This allows the valve to open because it supports the outside walls of the nose so they don’t collapse around the valve every time you breathe.” The side benefit to this is that Michael has an easier time singing, since with the narrower nose, he was forced to breathe through his mouth.

Jacko’s ‘Thriller’ Is Best Pop Video Ever

May 8, 2002 – Michael Jackson’s 17-minute long pop epic ‘Thriller’ has been voted the best music video of all time by music channel VH-1. The 1983 release set a precedent for videos having the highest production value, massive budget, and stand-alone narratives. Madonna’s controversial video ‘Like A Prayer’ was voted number two while Peter Gabriel’s animated ‘Sledgehammer’ was ranked third. A panel of music experts at the channel ranked the videos.

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