Michael Jackson Has A Message For Gloria Allred

A reporter asked outside Santa Maria court on Tuesday whether he had any comments on Attorney Gloria Allred’s request for California officials to investigate him after his baby dangling incident in Berlin last month. Jacko fumed, “Ohhh… tell her to go to hell!”

Shirley Manson Advises Jacko To Stay Out Of The Public

December 3, 2002 – Garbage singer Shirley Manson wrote in her November 20th journal entry: “I see poor old Michael Jackson’s up to his old tricks again with yet another ill advised publicity stunt. The photo that’s all over the press right now, of him hanging his baby over the railings of a hotel in Germany to amuse his fans is positively alarming! Good lord! What on earth was he thinking?! Let’s face it! It’s over babe. Let it go. It’s time to just go home and keep a low profile. Write, produce whatever… but for the love of God, give up on the public appearances. They’re not your strong point.”

Established Media Couldn’t Resist Jacko’s Tabloid News

December 2, 2002 – Ed Siegel of the Boston Globe says that while celebrities have always been tabloid fodder, it wasn’t until recently that the more established network and broadsheet media felt they couldn’t be left behind on stories like the baby dangling. “It’s certainly not an unusual story as a media event,” said Joshua Gamson, a sociologist of culture at the University of San Francisco. “It’s entertaining. For God’s sake, the kid’s called Michael II. It’s fabulous. You also get the prevent-child-abuse statements from advocacy groups and a major apology. It’s pretty much standard scandal script with a mea culpa at the end.”

Jacko’s Kids Were Wearing Spider-Man Scarves

December 1, 2002 – The Sun reports Michael Jackson has explained the bizarre head dresses that covered his children during a visit to the Berlin Zoo last month were inspired by Spider-Man. “They love the Spiderman scarves,” Jacko said. “They’ve seen the film a dozen times. I know the whole film by heart myself.”

Michael Jackson May Attend The Billboard Music Awards

December 1, 2002 – The Las Vegas Review Journal reports there are rumblings that Michael will be attending the Billboard Music Awards on December 9th at the MGM Grand and that he plans to continue discussions for a headliner show at a so-far unnamed Strip property. He is in the Billboard program to mark the 20th anniversary of his ‘Thriller’ album.

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