Michael Jackson Headed To A Little Known Country?

Jay Leno joked during his Tonight Show monologue on Thursday night, “Right here in Orange County, California, a woman in a park escaped from a guy trying to grab her. She goes in the ladies’ room, a guy tried to attack her. Thanks to all the sunscreen she had on, she was able to slip away. No, that’s true, that’s true. So, kids, if you’re going to Neverland Ranch, put on a lot of sunscreen. Okay, just keep that in mind. … As you may know, I testified in the trial earlier this week. You know, I’m sitting on the witness stand, and Michael wouldn’t even look at me. And then I realized, of course, I’m over 12. … Well, you hear about it today? This morning the prosecutor in the Michael Jackson trial asked the judge if he could show the jury photographs of Michael Jackson’s private parts. You know, I’m glad I got out of there on Tuesday. … And it’s not only the prosecution that wants to see these photos. Jackson’s two ex-wives, they’re curious, too. They’d like to see them, too. … Well, they’re now saying that after the trial, Michael Jackson may leave the country if he is acquitted. Michael says he doesn’t feel at home here anymore. He says he wants to sell the Neverland Ranch and move somewhere where he can be more comfortable. Hey, let me tell you something. If you’re so weird you don’t fit in in Southern California, there’s nowhere else on earth you can go. This is it. This is the end of the line! … Apparently — no, he may leave the country. He wants to go to a a little-known country called Boy-livia.”

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One thought on “Michael Jackson Headed To A Little Known Country?

  1. whatever says:

    WHAT THE FU** DID HE SAY?! why the hell did he insult MJ?!

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