Michael Jackson Hiding Out In Central Florida Mansion

WFTV has learned, until his court hearing next Friday, is hiding out in Central Florida at a $10.5 million mansion located in the exclusive community of Isleworth. The lakefront property is owned by David Siegal, the so-called Donald Trump of Orlando. “We got a call from a real estate agent and asked if we’d be interested in renting out our house for a couple of weeks. I talked to my husband and, since we hadn’t moved, we thought, well, why not? We’ll make a little extra money,” his wife Jacqueline explained. The story at wftv.com has since been removed.

Did DA Contact Jacko Accuser’s Mom After Bashir Special?

April 22, 2004 – Roger Friedman of FoxNews.com reports Tyson and Amen, two 23-year-old men who worked for Jackson and took care of the family now accusing him of child molestation, will have a lot to say should they ever testify in the case. The pair have a briefcase full of documents on their time with the accuser and his mother, including receipts, correspondence and loads of other evidence that piece together their experience with the woman, her boyfriend, and the children. Friedman adds that Tyson and Amen claim when they returned the family to their own apartment in East Los Angeles on February 16, 2003 (10 days after her two sons were featured in the Martin Bashir special ‘Living with Michael Jackson’), a business card belonging to District Attorney Tom Sneddon had already been slipped under the door of their apartment. Read more.

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