Michael Jackson In Aspen With Young Mystery Boy

Sources in Colorado provided ‘Extra’ an exclusive video showing Michael Jackson, hiding behind a ski mask on the streets of Aspen, with a young boy. Jackson was spotted in the ski town over a period of 24 hours and if it is the pop star, he is with another unidentified young boy.

Update: Jackson’s publicist told ‘Extra’ that the King of Pop would be outraged if anyone was to misinterpret their stroll down the streets of Aspen, since it was only his nephew. Jackson has been staying at a ranch near Aspen for nearly a week under heavy security from the Nation of Islam.

In Bizarre Outfit

February 26, 2004 – The Sun has photos of Michael out in Aspen, Colorado with a mystery boy pal. The King of Pop disguised himself in a full ski mask and silver moon boots while constantly being watched by Nation of Islam bodyguards. Check out the pictures here.

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5 thoughts on “Michael Jackson In Aspen With Young Mystery Boy

  1. Jive says:

    I think the boys are the suspects here. I mean, once they get photographed with Michael, then their jobs done. Now they can make claims that Michael molested them. But I do think Michael should take more care of his own kids.

  2. devon22 says:

    Photographed with Michael?? These young boys are his “travelling companions” for years at a time and his BEDMATES even by MJ’s own accounts. MJ has no concept of appropriate behavior. By the way he showed zero decorum and respect at the court proceeding by arriving late, leaving in the middle on the excuse of going to the toilet and dancing on the car he clearly has no shame or concept of conventional morality either. A terminally I’ll child is enduring the ugliness of a media circus trial and a vicious elite legal team to accuse the man he made it his dying wish to meet of abusing him in the little time he has. True or false the charges, the gravity of the situation and pain of the child should be respected. MJ seems to think only about himself and has demonstrated himself to be an obvious liar on a variety of subjects. If he has pedophilia urges I have no doubt he would follow them and lie about it.

  3. popmaster167 says:

    Hey, hold your horses people, that person could be any1. But if it is Jackson then he isn’t doing his case any credibility. I’m really not sure about him though, I want to wait until the trial comes up, see what other evidence they’ve got against him.

  4. Hotstar says:

    Well I think it is Michael and I think the people around him need to step up and keep him away from young boys. I like his music and believe he is guilty until proven innocent but he needs to stay from young boys, guilty or not, for their sake and his.

  5. Ray says:

    Obviously no read. Micheal was with his brother and the little boy was his brother’s son, Michael’s nephew.

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