Michael Jackson Just Looking For People To Blame

Fox News has a transcript from last night’s On the Record with Greta Van Susteren featuring Vibe magazine’s Lola Ogunnaike and Village Voice gossip columnist Michael Musto. Musto said of Jackson, “Michael, I love you, but get a life, get a career, get a mirror, and get a nose.” As for his thoughts on Tommy Mottola, Musto added, “Well, to bring up again, she’s Tommy Mottola’s ex. She doesn’t think he’s nice. She thinks he plagued her career and drove her into a tailspin commercially. But I think he’s a tough guy, I think he’s an honest businessman, and I think is just looking for people to blame.”

Jacko’s Allegations Should Be Taken Seriously Says Rev. Al

July 10, 2002 – The Rev. Al Sharpton says Michael Jackson’s allegations of racism in the music industry should be taken seriously, and addressed by the record companies. A video clip from Tuesday’s Vs. Sony Hip Hop Summit at the National Action Network headquarters for WPIX has since been removed.

Michael Jackson Motivated By Self Interests

July 10, 2002 – Many in the music industry have turned a deaf ear to Michael’s recent attacks that Sony Music is racist, thinking the singer is motivated by self-interest rather than a concern for civil rights. Kenneth Freundlich, a Los Angeles-based music industry attorney, tells Reuters, “What it looks like he’s trying to do is to piggy-back his own personal issues onto a very serious long-standing artist movement.”

Wacko Jacko Adds 11 Robot Dogs To His Collection

July 10, 2002 – Michael Sneed of the Chicago Sun-Times reports Michael Jackson has added 11 robot dogs to his numerous collection of pets at his Neverland estate in California. They all obey at the command of his voice and sell for $1,500 each.

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