Michael Jackson Named ‘Sexiest Man Alive’

Michael Jackson 'Another Part of Me'

David Letterman joked during his Late Show monologue on Friday night, “Today is casual Friday. wore an orange jumpsuit… Actor Johnny Depp was named ‘Sexiest Man Alive’ by ‘People’ magazine. In a related story Michael Jackson was named ‘Sexiest Man Alive’ by ‘Creepy’ magazine… This case is going to be very interesting. Another big profile legal battle out of Southern California. The prosecutor says that the case against Michael Jackson is air tight. You know what that means – not guilty!”

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18 thoughts on “Michael Jackson Named ‘Sexiest Man Alive’

  1. rachell says:

    Child molesting pedophile freak!

  2. crunkchig says:

    I don’t understand why people hate Michael Jackson all of a sudden. what’s wrong with molesting small children?!?! Haha…. just kidding!

  3. rachell says:

    Sicko ^^ We know that you probably do molest them.

  4. rachel says:

    Hermaphrodite 40 year old freak. Why are you hanging around on a teen, young adult site. If anyone is a pedophile/predator, it’s you. I hope the FBI finds out about what your nasty ass has been up to. selling yourself to young Latina boys, disgusting man woman!

  5. Jive says:

    I feel sorry for Michael Jackson. All of a sudden people treat him like a criminal when he is not even proven guilty. How could people be so mean. And that joke of David Letterman was not funny. No wonder people like Jay Leno better.

  6. Lisel Jean says:

    Thank you, the gloved one, the only handsome man that ever lived on this earth. I love the energy that came out of his body, for ever..

  7. Lisel Jean says:

    Hottest man that ever lived. MJ

  8. Sabria Spivey says:

    Michael Was Sexy From The Day He Was Born To Day He Died But To ME HE LIVES FOREVER 1958-UNTIL THE END OF TIME

  9. Alyssa says:

    YOU’RE KIDDING ME RIGHT?! Michael IS the sexiest man ALIVE!!! “Creepy magazine”?! really?! They can go fu** themselves :P

  10. elle says:

    MJ the sexiest man ever in ALL way
    Mike is so hot *drool*

  11. Megzzzz says:

    OMFG! Michael Jackson Was So Freaking HOT MAN!!! He Was The Sexiest Man EVER !!!!!!!!!!!!!! I L.O.V.E HIM SO F****N MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 3<3 <3

  12. Christian says:

    You know what the people that are calling my mikey a molester well your real STUPID he didn’t touch that little boy so fu** off you sick ass people you can all go jump off a got damn bridge you got damn haters. HEY WHERE YOU IN HIS HOUSE WHEN IT HAPPENED…….. i DIDN’T THINK SO YOU POOR ASSES WHAT A SHAME! Your just mad cause you cant look at sexy as Michael is cause your a fat fu**. Michael puts his life into you jackholes and you get jealous an propofil ain’t sh**! I bet you just got high. Mike is a sweet smart and beautiful man better tan what you are right now you prostitutes you drug addicts….. what are you huh….. Nothing but a bunch a mouth… DISMISS!

  13. Christian says:


  14. Denese Dior says:

    Michael is still the sexiest man alive.. He Isn’t A PEDOPHILE U FU** FACES AND A-HOLES SHUT UP YOU ARE JUST SO JEALOUS OF HIM… HAVE YOU EVER LISTEN TO THE STORIES OR YOU JUST LISTEN TO THE MEDIA IF YOU DO THEN YOU ARE A STUPID ASS JACKASS DUMB FREAK AND A LOSER!! And by the way you weren’t even there now would if you were Michael sh**heads you would be in this situation

  15. bellaellamjvv says:

    ok a-holes Michael DID NOT MOLEST KIDS!!!!!!! he was INNOCENT. I bet most of you are Tom Sneddon’s supporters. and yes he is the sexiest man alive, and he did sell out tons of tours all over the world and all the female fans fainted in his presence. and most guys today try to copy his style so that proves all the haters wrong, as always. and still many girls wish that they found a man just like him even though he’s been gone for about 4 years now. BTW Murad Conray should’ve been sentenced to a lifetime in prison for killing such a humanitarian and sweet angel.

  16. mo says:

    I normally don’t like cursing but these ignorant people are forcing me to.

    F**k off haters. Michael is innocent. It doesn’t need a genius to see that he did. not. touch. any. of. those. boys. They were hungry for money, and the sickest, most disgusting way of getting it was by dragging Michael through the mud. Plain disgusting. Go through all the court transcripts and everything. And watch his interviews and listen to his songs. He is just a person who wanted to share love with everyone. Some people didn’t want that, and are refusing to see who Michael is. Caring, Loving….unfortunately he was too trustworthy of slimeballs like the Arvizo scam.

    Sorry Michael for all you had to go through. :(

  17. Deborah Griffis says:

    The World’s Sexiest Nan ever to live on this planet. second in line Elvis Presley . But Michael my fairy tale was to marry you !! To the Most beautiful . sexy.. hot. talented true pure soul .. Michael Jason you hold the title for ever and ever ..

  18. Deborah Griffis says:

    Michael Jackson SEXIEST Man to ever live .. hands down .. You haters go away to your jealous world.. Love you Michael for enternity you will always be the best of this world and your soul is pure..

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