Michael Jackson Pillowcase To Go On Sale

The Express of London reports a pillowcase written on by and thrown to fans waiting below his London hotel room is to go on sale. The pillowcase bears the words, “I love this city very much. All my love to all of you. I’m going to sleep now. I love you Michael Jackson.”

Rosie O’Donnell Says Jacko Has Severe Problems

November 4, 2002 – Rosie O’Donnell is sounding off on in the new issue of TV Guide. “The man obviously has severe problems, and no one around him has helped him,” Rosie spouted. “I don’t know who is standing around him saying, ‘Yes, cut off more of your face.’ I don’t know what doctor with a medical degree who signed the Hippocratic oath would ever continue to perform surgery on this man’s face.”

Siegfried & Roy Auction Autographed Jacko Teddy Bear

November 3, 2002 – The Las Vegas Review Journal reports Siegfried & Roy launched their celebrity teddy bear online auction today in the Great Hall at the Fashion Show mall. The public is invited to see the more than 150 costumed and autographed teddy bears bearing likenesses of Elizabeth Taylor, Michael Jackson, Tom Cruise, and Presidents Clinton and George W. Bush, and others. Bidding will run until Nov. 29, with proceeds going to Opportunity Village. Check out more on the auction at siegfriedandroy.com.

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