Michael Jackson Plans Single For Katrina Victims

Reuters reports that according to his publicist, has written the song ‘From the Bottom of My Heart’ that he will record to benefit victims of Hurricane Katrina. “It pains me to watch the human suffering taking place in the Gulf region of my country,” the 47-year-old said in a written statement. “My heart and prayers go out to every individual who has had to endure the pain and suffering caused by this tragedy.” He added: “I will be reaching out to others within the music industry to join me in helping bring relief and hope to these resilient people who have lost everything.”

Jackson In Dubai

September 1, 2005 – Michael Jackson was photographed visiting an undisclosed location in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, with Emirati car racing champion, Mohammed Bin Sulayem. Jackson has been in Dubai since August 20th. Pictures at abacausa.com have since been removed.

On Jackson’s Birthday

August 29, 2005 – Contributed Anonymously: Eurweb’s Josephine Zohny weighs in on Michael Jackson’s 47th birthday on EURweb.com saying: “Perhaps Jackson’s talents will free themselves from the confines of the pop-culture prison the singer has occupied for the past ten or so years. Like the mischievous lost boy of Neverland whom Jackson is so fond of likening himself, I still see a certain spark of genius in his eye. But the music and the magic can come later. Today I hope he does something that he was never able to do as when he was the little boy who worked so feverishly to entertain us – have some cake, a party and peace. After 47 years on this planet and 42 years in the spotlight, he deserves at least that. Happy Birthday, Mike.” The full story at eurweb.com has since been removed.

Networks Reject Ad Criticizing Their News Coverage

August 26, 2005 – American Progress created a television advertisement for BeAWitness.org, our netroots campaign that calls out the television news media for their deplorable coverage of the genocide in Darfur while offering blanket coverage of runaway bride Jennifer Wilbanks, Michael Jackson, and the romance of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes. Over the last few days, three Washington DC television affiliates, NBC-4, CBS-9, and ABC-7, informed the group that they refuse to air the ad. More details at ThinkProgress.org. Watch the ad at Beawitness.org.

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7 thoughts on “Michael Jackson Plans Single For Katrina Victims

  1. CharlotteNCusa says:

    When is the single release date?

  2. jeepgrrl says:

    He is such an opportunist. this is just another PR stunt to try and revive his dead career.

  3. ihatehilary says:

    he’d love to take in all the little boys. and I mean take them in. his ass!

  4. RadioFreeRoscoe says:

    Good to see you’ve taken a break from f**king your sister, you redneck. Yeehaw!

    You’re such a moron. The man still sells thousands of his albums a day.’, ‘So much for that “dead career” theory. He’s known for his charity singles. I hope this is as good as “What More Can I Give?”.

  5. CharlotteNCusa says:

    “Dead Career”‘, ‘Interesting, his last studio CD “Invincible” sold 2 million in the States amidst all the circus and issues, and you find that a “dead career”. Also, he sells millions more outside the USA, therefore I would hardly say his career is dead. I guess if you have the title for “Best Selling Album of All Time- World Sales”, then yes, all other albums could be considered “declining sales”. Madonna only sold 600,000 in the USA with her last studio CD in the states, while Michael sold 2,000,000. Wow, he sold 1.4 million more than her, so I guess she is a corpse now, right? :-)

  6. Vanity87 says:

    PR stunt?’, ‘Michael Jackson has been helping people & doing charity work for years even back during the thriller era so that’s bullsh**. Dead career? His “Number Ones” cd has sold 6 million copies worldwide despite the fact that he’s already released other GH albums before.

  7. RobScott says:

    He’s only doing this so that someone will actually buy one of his singles. And no, his career may not be “dead”, but it’s clearly on life support.

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