Michael Jackson Plans To Marry Joanna Thomae

A source told the Daily Star that intends to take the stand at his trial as a married man to 20-year-old Joanna Thomae in the hope that it will make people “look at him differently” as he battles child molestation charges. A source told the paper that “when she stays in bed with Jacko there’s no sex, just lots of smooching and laughing. Sometimes they go to the jacuzzi with her wearing only her underwear and he in shorts and a t-shirt.”

Will Jackson’s Kids Be Taken Away?

February 21, 2004 – Jay Leno joked during his Tonight Show monologue on Thursday night, “They’re now talking about taking Michael Jackson’s kids away from him. Hey, forget Michael’s kids, how about getting everybody else’s kids away from him. Let’s start with that!”

Two More Boys Say They Were Molested By

February 21, 2004 – The Enquirer reports law enforcement authorities have located two more boys who claim they were molested by Michael. “Cops say this is the big break they’ve been looking for, a source close to the investigation said. “Two more witnesses telling consistent and truthful stories that demonstrate a similar pattern of illegal behavior from Jackson could put the singer behind bars for a decade or more. The new underage witnesses live in the Los Angeles area and both say their sexual encounters with Jackson occurred within the past year. Both also say that Jackson plied them with wine – calling it ‘Jesus Juice’.”

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4 thoughts on “Michael Jackson Plans To Marry Joanna Thomae

  1. Linda Adams says:

    I knew MJ off and on for thirty years. I am not surprised, but cannot believe the women that say they loved him; a certain percentage including Thomae ( who was personally fired by him) fired by him for crossing the line either from working for him to wanting to force more upon him or for crossing the line with betrayal (obviously, he was a good judge of human nature). They should take their pictures off of Facebook and put them in their private belongings and in their heart, if they have one. He married Lisa Marie after years of thinking highly of her not Thomae. MJ was never nasty, only a “gentlemen”, as that is how he was raised. Do not trust pictures of him with ladies, could have come from fan club events, etc. He told me he had “two wives” in his life figuratively and literally. Figuratively, his work (including charity matters) and his dream to have his own children. If he fired someone, albeit off again, on again; it meant he mistrusted their motives and their honesty. I think, he would never admire anyone who spoke poorly about or toward his beloved Mother; she was everything to him; an Angel.

    Why is it so hard for him to be remembered as a human being whose whole existence was about love and helping others and expressing himself through art? He was funny, curious, smart (he loved classical music, could tell you any painting about the artist and why/how it was painted), he loved crafts made by people, he loved Marcelle Marceau and Charlie Chaplin and he found thriller movies scary although he thought the classic thrillers artistry. He loved pulling jokes on people, he loved nature (once, someone in the room tried to swat a fly, he ran over with a glass and put the glass quickly over it and into his hand. He called me over to the lamp to see the colors in the wings of this fly. Then, he went outside and released it). He studied everything, he had timing like no other artist. Maybe, he trusted people too soon with his heart; but, later, he was usually right if they betrayed him about their human nature.

    He wanted to be remembered for his humanness, his humanity, his teaching responsibility for this planet and for people to love each other. Some of the photos by some of the ladies, look posed and he is not smiling.
    If MJ was happy, he lit up like a Christmas Tree in 3D. No, I think if these ladies honestly loved him; keep personal things to themselves and let him be remembered for the human being, the man, the artist and humanitarian he wanted to be remembered for and for being funny and loving. The stories of partially dressed ladies, shame on you. Why display personal photos on internet; for his sake; I don’t think so. He was right to cut you all off. He was the most innocent, not nieve, sweet, caring; considerate gentleman I have ever known. Stop, attacking his Mom; she was and will always be his Angel. And please take into consideration, that what you put on Internet will eventually fall under the scrutiny of his children; who read things about him there.


    Linda Adams

  2. Madison says:

    I agree with everything you said. Just didn’t know there were other woman out there saying they went out with him and had pictures?

  3. Robyn says:

    Ms. Adams:

    I could not have said it better myself. You were so lucky. I really wish I had met him. If only we could go back in time.

    — Robyn

  4. Andrea says:

    Linda, you are a true friend of Michael’s, thanks for your thoughts. I think very highly of Michael eventhough he’s no longer with us. People just need to have something to talk about and it wasn’t enough that they caused him pain when he was alive, but now they continue in the wake of his death.


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