Michael Jackson Responds To Lisa Marie Presley

has responded to Lisa Marie Presley’s recent interview with Rolling Stone magazine. He said in a statement, “Michael Jackson wishes Lisa Marie all the best in the world. However, as to a comment on anything to do with their marriage, as a gentleman Michael prefers not to respond.” Elvis’ daughter has been completely open about confirming their short-lived marriage was indeed consummated.

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45 thoughts on “Michael Jackson Responds To Lisa Marie Presley

  1. ketren Dent says:

    Very good Michael Jackson. Shows you have class.

  2. Toni says:

    Yeah. Michael had class – unlike Lisa Marie Presley.

  3. feni says:

    Michael Jackson is all the best in the world , his attitude, his music , and his humanity … all the best .. oh Michael ..rest in peace .. our pray for you

  4. Linda says:

    I used to think Lisa Marie was ok. Not after reading her numerous interviews about MJ prior to his death. He shows class, dignity and respect for her by declining to comment on their marriage. She on the other hand has shown how common she really is. She comes across as an angry trashy and unfeminine. MJ should never have married her, because all she ever did was humiliate him by acting as if she was embarrassed to be married to him!!?! But of course now after his death she is nothing but remorseful and seems regretful. Well, too little to late Lisa. This world was too cruel for you MJ, Love you and miss you forever.xxx

  5. Astris says:


    My thoughts exactly. I just wonder after all the BS did Michael tell her the marriage was over and just let people think it was her that decided?
    She has no class, is angry and trashy and now if you really read her statement about his death she’s still defending HERSELF! I think it’s because Michael fans also frequent Graceland and she’s afraid her revenues will be hurt. She’s still playing the victim. Make a terrible gag.

  6. Christy says:

    Well MJ is all about class. Lisa Marie is desperate to get famous by talking bad about MJ. She is not a victim but a user to get fame by marrying MJ. I think MJ was smart enough not to choose her to start a family. She is not classy at all and swears alot. I think MJ was lucky to get rid of this trashy women. She is the one who got married four times not MJ. I guess Lisa Marie is desperate to get attention by talking about MJ. I hardly knew her before she got married to MJ, so what is she talking about MJ using her??????? Make your own identity Lisa and then speak about MJ. You are just Elvis Presley’s daughter so far and have no identity of your own.

  7. Deborah says:

    Please remember that Michael Jackson and Lisa Pressly loved each other but Lisa was very young,And Michael Had never been married before.I believe that there were some out side presser on Lisa Marie for marring Michael Jackson.You have to remember who these two people were and what kind of presser they had to deal with on a day to day bases.They Truly loved each other Lisa said she loved Michael Jackson but you need to remember she was 25 years old Michael was 10 years older than her.I don’t think she knew how to handle the marriage and everything that went with it.Michael never had been married and he probably wasn’t so sure about what was expected in a marriage either. But Lisa Marie says she Loved him very much.Now that she is old enough to speak out and say what she wants to now.It think when she lashed out she was very frustrated about the way things were going at the time,being young and all.And to the things that had been said about Michael back then.Which we all know was not true. I believe that Lisa was between a rock and a hard place.If you know what I mean,To many people in her business.I think if they both had been older and more mature it could have worked out.She loved Michael.And we love him and now I hope that he is in peace.He will truly be missed.I don’t be leave Lisa wanted to be cruel I think she was covering up for her disappointment that it didn’t work out.

  8. Lisa says:

    I do believe that MJ and Lisa-Marie loved each other. I never thought their relationship was fake. But I also knew that it was not going to last because they both wanted it their way..and that is not what marriage is about. The only thing I do not agree with is how Lisa-Marie talked about MJ after their divorce..She trashed on him, maybe because of anger and resentment, yet still she did not have enough insight to talk about her inner feelings in a classier way. I do understand where that anger comes from, I have been there myself. But I would never say I regretted marring someone that I say I loved, or not defend someone’s character, someone whom I knew and knew his heart. Or maybe Lisa-Marie really did not know Michael’s heart, the way she thought she did..In retrospect, death does a lot of things to the human spirit. It makes you go down deep into your own existence and asks questions about yourself and your purpose in life..I hope she is asking those questions now. As for Michael Jackson, I never met him, yet I seemed to know his heart more then a lot of his so called friends, including ex-girl friends or wives. I have a lot in common with him. How I look at life; I love trees, I love nature, I love helping people, I love reading about other artists, geniuses, civil right leaders like Mozart, Albert Enstein, and Nelson Mendela. I have a great deal of respect and admiration for all of them. I love to travel and experience different cultures, I am a dancer-I love to dance, even now at 42 years old. I read ALOT-about anything that interest me-about the planets, ancient history, about various religions, and creative artists. And most of all I have a profound love for God, the creator of all things. Michael Jackson did too. Maybe in another life, MJ and I could have been friends. AS for Lisa-Marie, maybe she is truly hurting-I would have never let a man of his extraordinary character go. Instead of listening to other bias opinions, I would have listened to my heart. If some of the men that I have been with had even a fraction of his spirit, his character, his heart, I would still be with one of them. As for MJ may he RIP-and He will NEVER BE FORGOTTEN–he will forever live in my HEART-and in the HEARTS of MILLIONS of FANS..I /WE LOVE you- Michael Jackson–King of Pop, King of Entertainment, King of HEARTS..

  9. Edith says:

    I believe Liza was immature, may she wanted to do help him but she didn’t know how, her mother was the worst pressure on her when she got married with MJ. I hope she loved him because He deserved a Good woman I hope she did, She still immature until now I hope she realize that he really love her. Miss you MJ

  10. Astris says:

    She may have been young, but she lived a lot during her years. I think in her effort “to save him” she got bossy and pushy.
    LM was one child who was born wealthy. MJ was one of many who had to learn from birth to compromise.
    She has a record coming out. So I’m sure she’ll watch her mouth. But I can’t help notice that she gets the most attention when his name is coming out of those lips of hers.

  11. lovemichaelforever says:

    if they were a little older–are you insane AGAIN! Michael was in his mid-30s and Lisa was in her mid-20s with years of marriage and 2 kids behind her. Look at the time frame. This was not a union of love & devotion. She is disrespectful in every snippet interview I’ve seen. She only talks about Elvis or Michael. She doesn’t tell people how she “loves” the other string of husbands and fiancees or that she has sex with them-she only talks about the high profile connection of over a decade ago. She uses Michael to draw attention to herself. I have only heard of him giving this statement which is nothing but respectful and appropriate.

  12. Rainbow says:

    I just want to say Michael is REALLY real gentleman.

  13. cynthia says:

    LMP/MJ adored one another..MJ spoke very lovingly about
    LMP and she about him…whatever happened for her to be so angry, she was not so affected that she was inconsolable about his death…7 mos. later, LMP is still devastated. Love like theirs will never die..LMP now, truly must carry the memories only she and Michael shared..it wont be easy.

  14. Astris says:

    Please. LM was probably sorry, but that blog was to save herself. She knew what she did and she knew people didn’t forget it. She spent years trying to lower his dignity. An ounce of sorrow and pound of show.
    Face facts that ended before it started real good. And if you check their were other men after MJ, which she was entitled too. She tried to reconcile with hubby #1, but he wouldn’t take her back as a wife. She stated that she regretted leaving her marriage. Then there was a mutual friend that she almost married and that ended. She acts like a lose cannon, but she seems to have gotten more stable. I hope so. Four marriage and three divorces, coupled with numerous affairs is not a good track record.

  15. PAULA says:

    There is no doubt that Michael Jackson had far more class than Lisa Marie Presley. It doesn’t take rocket science to know that. If I had been married to Michael Jackson, I would have never left him. I would have been there for him for life, no matter what. I WOULD HAVE DIED FOR HIM! That’s the kind of love Michael deserved, not Lisa Marie Presley.
    Rest in peace sweet Angel Michael. No one can hurt you anymore.

  16. Faye says:

    No, LMP should NEVER EVER have left MJJ! She did not take her marriage vows SERIOUSLY enough. It says “for better or worse.” When things got tougher than she expected in the marriage and she couldn’t EASILY control things the way she had expected to be able to do, she bailed. No wonder MJJ couldn’t TRUST her to take her back into his life. He didn’t have TIME to fool around with her flakiness. The fact that she ended up TRASHING him afterwards SEALED it for poor Michael. He could never be bothered with that mess! I do sympathize with her because Michael was surely the biggest challenge of her life, but to GIVE UP on your soulmate when it is also obvious that she loved and respected him, was not the answer. She should have TOLD the authorities on him as far as his drug usage. I’m positive that she knew about it but neither his wife nor any of his loved ones wanted to expose him to more negative publicity. If they had, he would have been FORCED into more intensive rehab and psychotherapy and he MAY have been cured of his addictions and self-defeatism. When the Love of His Life left him, this only ADDED to his hopelessness and aloneness (sigh.) It’s not use crying over spilled milk now tho. May LMP find happiness in her own life. And she needs to get some CLASS (like Michael so elegantly displayed) and stop cursing so much, and airing all her dirty laundry, etc.

  17. Jayde says:

    LMP is so freaking annoying. Michael was way too good for her. LMP is trashy and she used him for sex. It’ so obvious I mean just look at him. even though he’s gorgeous it gives her no right to do what she did. why would or should he have ever forgiven her? I’m glad she was gone out of his life. she’s such a mean little trashy whore. She needs to get some class and find some type of identity of her own. all she is and always has been is Elvis’ daughter.She’s a fake celebrity and she’s just trying to talk about her marriage to anybody and everybody she can so it would some bring Michael down. GROW UP LISA MARIE PRESLEY!

  18. Karen says:

    If you notice on LMP’s blog after MJ died, even then she was self-serving, going on about wanting to save him and blah blah blah, like she was the poor helpless victim in the marriage. The woman was/is trash and in my view only used Michael do get notoriety because her own career was practically non-existent. She wanted to be in the spot light as the wife of Michael Jackson. You can see that she has never once taken any responsibility for their marriage failing. She blames in totally on MJ. I am not saying that MJ was perfect, but it does take 2 to make a marriage work and 2 to make it fail. So speaks as if she is blameless which of course is a crock of bull.

    At least MJ was a gentleman and didn’t speak badly of her although he had every reason to do so. It just makes me respect MJ even more and it shows that he had class.

  19. Astris says:

    It was a mistake from the word go! But all Lisa had to do was refrain from running her mouth. She made herself look bad. Michael was no angel, however, this worldly woman didn’t go into anything blind. And this was not a love match to begin with.

  20. ffddfgd says:

    Screw LMP and her crocodile tears. Her blog is so stupid, she is still talking about bad timing ans saying he did real bad things. Screw her and thank you Debbie Rowe, if not those 3 angels would be in the COS by now.

  21. abby says:

    Lisa is a person with no heart,a double face, immature, selfish and stupid, she did not love Michael, she married Michael just for fun …she doesn’t know the meaning of the word love,she has bean married three or four times,she has NO respect for other’s,thinks only for herself using others including Michael…who the hell does she think she is…she is NOTHING..lisa’s mother has a good control over her daughter..lisa did not want kids from Michael ,because she was afraid of having BLACK children,the family was against raises,black with black,and white with white…she did NOT deserve Michael’s love…she’s nothing but a stupid BRAT..hope she pay’s for what she’s done to Michael…

  22. Astris says:

    Prescilla didn’t have quite the hand people think. This wild girl always danced to her own music and did exactly as she pleased. Why obey mommy this time? Lisa is the one who didn’t want kids, but to get the blame off herself she let people think it was mommy and family.
    They were all jealous of Michael. Especially his business sense. He was an enemy from the word go for owning a catalog with Elvis’s songs. Elvis didn’t own his music. Ok. But why didn’t his daughter purchase music?
    It doesn’t matter. This awful thing she’s done at Forest Lane blaming the fans of leaving mere bouquets is nothing but a stunt for attention. I think it’s time we let her know we’re tired of her playing the poor me card and using him. This has gone to far!

  23. Forshorn says:

    In an interview with Rolling Stone Ms. Presley said she was obsessed with Darth Vader, in love with him. She was a grown woman at the time. She was buying toys – long after her divorce from Jackson. My point? The two of them may have had this childlike quality in common – never having entirely grown up.

  24. Astris says:

    She grew up. The point she was making and has said is that she was drawn to darkness. She is a very negative person, but she is enjoying renewed attention at the expense of his fans and children. This woman is crazier than Michael ever could have been. He came to his senses and let her go. She wanted the last word. When she didn’t get it she went out and trashed him.

  25. Nikki says:

    Mj is/was fab LMP is/was drab get damn Lisa I wish she would go on that BS about I wanted 2 save him if she was trying to save she would have stayed with him not leave and do “on 2 the next 1” with another man and have kids with her last hubby. Plus I bet when MJ was alive she was probably making jokes about him so I agree she didn’t take her vows seriously.

    Ps: that was jacked up when the tabloids called him Wacko Jacko because tabs is wacko

  26. Astris says:

    LM wanted more kids but not with MJ. I’m not offended by anything but her lying about wanting them knowing she didn’t. THANK GOD, he didn’t have any with her. His children are unspoiled, kind, polite and possess excellent manners. Can you imagine having her around with that foul mouth her hers? He did the right thing and got a woman that truly loved him and wanted to give him children.

  27. amanda says:

    Forshorn: lol! your crazy! I read that r/s interview and LMP SPECIFICALLY SAID if you read it why she had that toy and it wasn’t hers, she went on to say that her son went trough this stage where he was really obsessed with star wars (like most boys are) and the toy was his that she kept in her office.she said she liked it cause it was one that you press the button and it would talk she said she felt like it was talking to her and it really ‘turned her on’. LMP wasn’t playing with toys like a kid she was getting turned on by them in a sexual way, that’s totally different from mj. MJ has toys that he plays with, LMP doesn’t have a ‘childlike quality’ like mj, she lost that along time ago even before she hit 18, even MJ said in the shmuley tapes that LMP doesn’t care bout any other kids but her own. he also said he has YET TO FIND A WOMEN THAT WAS JUST LIKE HIM: a child @ heart.

    THE MJ TAPES BOOK (pg. 200)
    SB: Michael, have you met a women like that who loves those same things , who would play hide & seek with you, who’d love the water fight with you?


    (pg. 256)
    SB: do you love children more after having Prince & Paris?

    MJ: I love them as much and more. its hard for me to say “my children” because I don’t see any territoriality. MAYBE ITS BECAUSE I USED TO GET HECTORED BY MY EX-WIFE LISA ABOUT THAT BECAUSE ALL SHE USED TO CARE ABOUT WERE HER OWN CHILDREN AND NOT OTHERS.

    -those to really had nothing in common!

  28. Cynthia says:


    Exactly! She also said in an interview that Vader’s dark side is what she was drawn too. They were as different as daylight & darkness.
    LM sais she lost her virginity at 15 and said that was old! Hello!
    I think MJ was just plain turned off. As she said in a DS interview he moved on quickly and got someone else pregnant.
    He should have divorced her first, but he was too through with her.

  29. Astris says:

    Save as in the Church of Scientology. Strange her father nor ex wanted anything to do with it.
    LM got tired of drugs. Nothing has changed about her.

  30. Astris says:


    Pricilla does not have good control over this monster. LM has always done what she wanted. She said herself she kept on with the drugging and wild living and one night PP showed her the door. LM said herself in 2008 or 2009 that she didn’t want kids with Michael. PRAISE GOD!
    She did try very hard with this husband. She is so busy trying to save what she thinks is a reputation until it stinks. In her small world she is right and when things go wrong it’s poor LM , the world done done her wrong.

  31. You are not alone anymore says:

    Lol,Oh wow. It’s Hot Outside Isn’t It?

  32. rondasia says:

    Michael had feelings for Lisa Marie..she must have seen that he did..she says she was wired for marrying him..but the truth is she was a hoe and didn’t want to have kids with him.now she wired..but back in 1995 on there interview together she said she loved everything about him..and admits to having sex with him..when he was haven sex with her it was all good..but when they weren’t haven sex they spent most of the time arguing..so this tells you right here they had a lot in common. But.. I guess she didn’t want to have any kids with him.. That’s really all he ever wanted was kids..she couldn’t see it..but then Debbie was willing to give him kids.. That’s why I liked Debbie more than Lisa.. Because Lisa’s mom didn’t even like him.. That’s wrong. She needs to tell her mother to shut the fu** up..but instead she listened…but even though Lisa Marie didn’t want to have kids with him..she did try to save him from saying he was going to die like Elvis Presley..but what he said happened he died like Elvis Presley..but the media made him do what he did.. They lied on him to much.. They needed to leaved him alone and grow the hell up..fu**in wit the king of pop..if I were Michael I would have said fu** the media…love you Michael.. Still the king of pop..p.s. leave Michael alone.LET HIM REST IN PIECE..

  33. Astris says:

    I don’t see where there was a lot in common if you’re arguing except when sex happens. This in itself shows there was nothing there or not much.
    LM wasn’t as influenced by her mother as some would believe, PP is a convenient excuse. When she was whoring wildly , doping and skipping school as a teen she didn’t care what PP thought, that’s why she put her out. LM is a user when it’s convenient and when things go wrong she was used. She wanted to hurt Debbie, she was NEVER gonna have kids, no matter what some letter said and Michael knew it to. By then he didn’t want her anymore.
    As far as him dying like Elvis something sticks about this story. I don’t know that it even happened, she has lied so much I doubt it. She’s saying a lot now that he’s dead, but let her keep it up someone is gonna show proof of her lies.

  34. Astris says:

    She did him a favor and I think he saw it in not having kids. Bless you, LM. MJ would have had a miserable life otherwise.
    Michael’s death and Elvis’ were different. It did not happen to her twice anyway you look at it because as I said long ago they were not on speaking terms and as far as a call in 2005 I recall it was not about the trail so much. Why would he call her for help when she had started bashing him a few years earlier? She called to talk to him and he had nothing to say and she got mad. But why should he talk to her? She would have ran to the nearest magazine or interviewer to start some more &*(*().

  35. susana says:

    poor Lisa that’s the only language she speaks…..dirty….thanks god she is not mike children mother

  36. lenka says:

    such as missing school to where it was and it is true that he lost his virginity at 15 was on drugs but then returned it

  37. VIRGIE says:


  38. Kasey says:

    Katherine Jackson said in an interview during MJ trial, the women in her sons life she didn’t like much. Notice Katherine responds after Oprah said, LMP, really loved him, Katherine said, yes she did and never added anything more to it. She knew how this tramp had viciously attacked her son and she was aware of how she tried to use her to get MJ back. Katherine probably told him not to take her back. MJ probably had told his family that his heart had grown hard for her. Katherine also said, after MJ death the his kids were his life. LMP was a user. She is not a celebrity nor a socialite. She only get’s attention by riding MJ coat tail. When had her fans ran to meet her, she always could walk the streets and go places, MJ was adored by his fans and was trapped in his fame.

  39. Nikki says:

    Maybe it’s not lmp’s fault that every interviewer brings up the MJ & LMP marriage. I didn’t find her much interesting until she married MJ. Why couldn’t he marry someone who was more classy, beautiful, and intelligent with a bright history? I do also believe that people might have wished that their marriage should have ended. Regardless to whether she was involved or not she should’ve
    let Lisa make her own decisions and support her through.

  40. dyna carolina says:

    i personally don’t know what to think of this……i mean mj n lmp divorced in 1996. and even she said in the Oprah interview that they got on and broke up afterwards..i still believe that u don’t trash on a person you claim to love publicly like she did…even though i understand her anger and frustration. she queit knows that mj was a huge tabloid target and comlies to that.remember she claim her marriage to MJ was a mistake n something she was not proud. plus she never spoke bad about her other hubbies so i honestly quiet didn’t get her on Oprah. perhaps she wanted to make some kind of amendment but was rather too late.

  41. marcial says:

    This is why I do really RESPECT and Adore Michael Jackson. He had one word. He’s truly a gentleman,respectful,classy and never disrespect his fellow artists or anyone in the business and how much cruel the media treated him, he never said a bad word about them. Michael Jackson:TheKingOfPop you are one of my greatest inspirations and loves. I love you my man!

    So Lisa Marie Presley, get over it, stop it already,have shame. You destroyed your own self. Shame on you!

  42. Spongebob says:

    I don’t get why she never talks bad about her husbands compared to her gazillion insults towards Michael. I don’t believe it was a good idea to tell your wife that another lady is going to have your kids but LMP wasn’t even interested in getting kids. She wasn’t that young plus it wasn’t even her first marriage so being naive and all that nonsense is ridiculous. I understand if he was being naive as it was his first marriage plus Michael is a child at heart anyways. What I would give to have been his wife but I’m just glad Ms Debbie was there for him when LMP clearly was not.

  43. virgie says:

    katherine did not go any further about mj and lisa marie because of the children she knew her son loved lisa she often was with them after the divorce he stayed at lisas house and her kids called katherine auntie when she visited even fter the divorce he wanted lisa to have his childno matter how hateful people feel about her he loved her dearly.

  44. Holly says:

    Virgie,(I know that I’m a little late for this but I must say)
    I do not know who you are but I can hoestly say that your “Uncle Michael” had a heart of gold. I love him as a person. I really do. I love what he did for humanity and what he did for children all around the world. He has truly inspired me. Really he has. In more ways than you could imagine. That is why I love him(as both a person and a talented artist).
    Anyway, I’m so glad that you set the record straight about Michael.
    I believe that he was a good man and a good Father and that he didn’t deserve to get treated badly the way that he did by anyone.
    I’ll never understand why good deeds always seem return with bad deeds and why the good people in the world suffer the most and always seem to fall the hardest. Poor Michael :( . It’s horrible what he went through.
    God Bless you and may your Uncle Michael RIP. God Bless you.

  45. Tee says:

    Sorry to disagree with most die-hard MJ fans (whom I assume are younger women), but I don’t see how MJ messing around with other women in order to hurt his newly wed wife is IN ANY WAY acceptable, not to mention CLASSY? If it were any of you, I doubt you would not want to kill the guy! Come on, get real. To a woman, nothing could hurt more?

    How could any of you judge so unfairly?

    It is clear that SHE loved him, after all she gave up a marriage for him, tried to help him. Yes, she was angry for many tears, why, because she has no class, or because she obviously loved him more? Anymore who issues politically correct statements about marriage breakup like the one MJ gave obviously doesn’t care as much about their relationship in the first place.

    Imagine if your beloved groom woes you, gets you in front of the press and immediately ask you to birth a baby or he’s gonna sleep with other women, would you not all of a sudden feel deceived, used, unloved and disposable? Would you think this is a good husband who will protect you and love you?

    Let me spell it out for you: the one who loves more often hurts more and thus act out more. Additionally, she might have been using tough words, but I guarantee you every woman would feel equally given her situation.

    So far, I have had no conclusive evidence that MJ really loved Lisa very much. Because any person who cherishes a marriage would no way unfaithful so quickly, and mind you, INTENTIONALLY to HURT the wife he just vowed to love. Secondly, every time he is said to be devastated, whether by Debbie or himself, the reason was attributed to not being able to have kids soon. I have done extensive research and still have not been able to find definitive proof that he DID really her for her instead of for having kids. The kiss onstage was staged by their manager and you could see clearly Lisa was upset being an instrument for promoting Mike’s image. I truly believe when she said he was manipulative she really perceived it that way. And I think most women would feel that way given all that was happening.

    Yes, presumably he was really hurt she didn’t want a baby then and acted like she did. That did hurt him to be sure. But let’s not forget first she never said she didn’t want his baby period. She was speaking in the context of being just married, her having just finalized her divorce, him being way eager to have a baby and them unable to get along…A mother has the natural instinct to protect her children. No woman should ever get pregnant out of being pressured when their foresee instability in the marriage itself, whatever the circumstance. Given child molestation charges unresolved just yet, and them really still needing time to get to know each other more(they had only spent time on the phone but hot dating much due to her still being married), bringing children into the relationship would be unwise.

    Another point to consider: why was MJ suddenly so desperate to get married in 94′ and then so eager to have children right away, to the point of being willing to forsake the very marriage he just acquired? If this doesn’t sound fishy on logic alone, it at least shows his goal is to have children only, and he will forsake Lisa for his personal goal alone. It sounds very selfish if not manipulative. I cannot even imagine how lonely and abandoned a bride would feel?!

    I know. We all wan to believe Mike is awesome and perfect. But you’re guilty of ignorant idol worship if you still think he is, i am not saying he is the devil, but he has problems and obviously is NOT the perfect human being. There is no such man. This is the only truth in this whole conversation. Sure, he appears to be less trash-talking, which is a good thing. But he is no prince.

    Before crazy fans jump on me like a mob, let me just say that I like MJ and I am female as well. I have never paid attention to Lisa or her music. So i’m not taking sides. I am just trying to be fair. liking a person should NEVER result in you becoming unreasonably hostile to another human being, become irrational or possessive in my thinking. Neither should anyway make anyone out to be morally perfect while painting others like the devil.

    I like MJ and obviously he is very appealing and enigmatic. His vulnerability make girls want to defend him and save him. His was very sweet to most people who knew him and he was very much into helping children. May God bless his soul. But let’s face the facts: he never acted in a way that convinced ANYONE including his very wife that he cherished or truly loved her for long. This could be because he was young and regretted later, but the frustrating thing is he really never showed any regret about divorcing Lisa either, but claimed he lacked the time to be a good husband. It just sounded like he just think of love as optional.

    I think it would be fair to say his life was paradox really. He felt so desperately lonely because he needed a loyal, truly intimate and committed partner to walk with him, yet he rather spend his time pursuing the love of the audience and endless children. His love for the needy was inspiring, but I think prioritizing and moderation would have helped him lead a healthier life. I pray he’ll be in heaven. But only God can judge people now.

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