Michael Jackson Slept With His Eyes Open?

’s ex-wives will be called to testify in Dr. Murray’s homicide case as the man attending to the King of Pop after he overdosed on Propofol aims to prove how difficult it was to tell whether the singer was asleep last June since he slept with his eyes open. “We are going to call the significant others in Jackson’s life to talk about his long-term drug use and behavior,” a defense source told News of the World. “We’ve found he would appear dopey and sleep with his eyes open when he had taken meds. We want the women closest to him to verify this.” The entire story at newsoftheworld.co.uk has since been removed.

Will Michael Jackson’s Kids Testify Against Dr. Murray?

April 7, 2010 – Michael’s fans gathered outside the Los Angeles courthouse where the late singer’s doctor had a hearing. Watch a report from ITN about the proceedings below.

Meanwhile, Popeater hears that the King of Pop’s kids may be forced to testify in the case against Dr. Murray. “The Jackson family wants to do what’s best for Michael’s children and understand how traumatic it would be for them to take the stand. However, they honestly believe that Dr. Murray is to be blamed for the Michael’s death, and they believe that what the children saw the day he died will prove it,” an insider revealed.

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