Michael Jackson Sneaks Into Penthouse

The Las Vegas Review Journal reports disguised as an elderly woman and spirited off in a pickup, eluded a massive media stakeout and slipped into a penthouse hideaway at the Las Vegas Country Club hours after a wacky three-hour caravan. Jackson spent two days atop the Regency Tower at the country club without his three children before his whereabouts were detected by Norm Clarke of the Review Journal.

Elizabeth Taylor Backs

November 23, 2003 – Elizabeth Taylor said on Sunday that she believes pop star and good friend is “absolutely innocent” of child molestation charges and will be “vindicated.” The actress said, “Their whole reaction is that he is guilty. I thought the law was ‘innocent until proven guilty’. I know he is innocent and I hope they all eat crow.” Read more.

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One thought on “Michael Jackson Sneaks Into Penthouse

  1. rachell says:

    MJ doesn’t have to put on a disguise to look like an elderly old hag.

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