Michael Jackson Suffers Panic Attack At VMAs

The National Enquirer reports Michael Jackson was so horrified with a panic attack before getting his birthday gift from at the MTV Video Music Awards he almost didn’t go on stage. An MTV insider revealed, “Michael was completely unhinged. I knew he was weird but this was scary.” The insider says Jacko “started waving his hands in the air above his head and started repeating over and over again, ‘There’s too many people! There’s too many people!'” Staffers insisted to Jackson that he fulfill his commitment and he nodded in agreement, before mistakenly thinking he was being given an Artist of the Millenium award. An exec at the music network sniffed, “Michael acts as if he’s King of the Hill — when he’s really over the hill.”

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3 thoughts on “Michael Jackson Suffers Panic Attack At VMAs

  1. kiki says:

    As much love I love Michael Jackson’s music and dancing. I think Michael is “crazy” and also a freak. If you were mistaken to be a well the Artist of the Millennium you laugh it off, but he went out of proportion for just a mistake he just made.


  2. whatever says:

    This site is the stupid site on earth. That’s why you get no visitors. The National Enquirer is not even a reliable source. How can you trust this article when the news source refers to Jackson as “Jacko”. What a ragtag website you all are running here. I pray that you all burn in sweltering hell for all eternity for writing this untruths about such a wonderful man who saved so many lives, and was never allowed to rest in peace. I hope you burn in hell. Thanks.

  3. Joan says:

    Michael would never act that way. All lies

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