Michael Jackson Targeted By Right-Wing Forces

David Walsh of World Socialist Web Site weighed in on the child molestation charges leveled against Michael Jackson, blaming the religious right trying to bring down the singer. Walsh writes, “The campaign by Santa Barbara authorities against Jackson has reactionary political and social overtones. County district attorney Tom Sneddon is a conservative Republican with an ax to grind. In 1993 he was hoping to prosecute Jackson on similar charges when the singer settled out of court with a family that had launched a civil suit.” Read more.

Is Jacko Wacko?

December 1, 2003 – Ajit Saldanha of Mid-Day Mumbai writes, “Jacko…a substantial proportion of international media coverage seems to have been devoted to the molestation issue despite more pressing concerns like the Istanbul bombing. Child molestation is a touchy topic: it’s every parent’s worst nightmare come true. Which is why the allegations against are fraught with very serious repercussions – credibility, common sense and greed, to name a few – for all parties concerned. Unfortunately, thanks to the over zealous prosecutor, Sneddon, it looks as if Jackson is being vilified even before he has faced trial by a jury of his peers.” The entire story at mid-day.com has since been removed.

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4 thoughts on “Michael Jackson Targeted By Right-Wing Forces

  1. announomous says:

    Great article, finally some one who sheds the light of truth, the author should be proud, hes right on the money here. Yes, the cat is out of the bag. The doctors are almost all corrupt, including the d.a. and the cops are no angels. He was obviously targeted and triple drugged to make it look like an accident or overdose(the right wingers specialty)The were feeding him to the end, its outright disgraceful they can get away with murder, because it was. Here is another example of local extremists at work to destroy an innocent life. Michael Jackson was just an innocent soul. The congressman King a big time loser, who wont let a family grieve,most of course to smear his creditability. Jackson is bigger than Elvis or The Beatles and Will be respected and loved by the American people despite the right-wing attacks. Every doctor involved in this should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. The U.S. government can’t let its citizens be targeted in this way. Here’s another example of great Americans targeted like Lennon,Martin Luther King,the entire Kennedy family, Jack and Robert, John Jr, (sabotage of his plane) civil rights leaders etc, etc All targeted by the right wing.

  2. robert conrad says:

    LAPD… Michael Jackson was murdered has not been ruled out….

    Cops investigating foul play.

  3. fred says:

    The media is also hooked-up with these extremist groups, and they will get anchor men or woman to try and say oh, this can’t be a conspiracy, they are wrong, they will try to focus the blame on Michael J., but because this is how they operate. But, as GOD is our witness this was a conspiracy. Read this book Terrorist Gang stalking in America, by David Lawson, private eye. This does not feel right,because its not correct. What will it take, for the cops and the U.S. government to do their job, and start taking down these groups. How many more innocent lives will be destroyed, before the American people wake-up.

  4. Kayla says:

    I am already a great fan of Michael Jackson ever since I was just a little kid. I would really miss the King of Pop.

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