Michael Jackson Throws Party For Members Of His Church

Jay Leno joked during his Tonight Show monologue on Friday night, “ hosted a big holiday party for dozens of children today at the Neverland Ranch. Hey, there was a good idea. [Laughter] Who thought of that? Doesn’t he have anybody that works for him? Michael, you might want to hold back. [Laughter] Michael says the party was for members of his church. Yeah. There are three people in the choir, 56 altar boys.”

Michael Jackson Greets Kids At Neverland

December 17, 2004 – Michael greeted about 200 children who were brought Friday to his Neverland Ranch in Los Olivos, California and looked at one point like he might even stay to play. “I hope you have a wonderful day. Merry Christmas. I love you,” Jackson told the children.

Michael Jackson Lawyer In Trouble For Breaking Gag Order

December 17, 2004 – Michael lawyer Brian Oxman stands accused of contempt of court for allegedly discussing the singer’s child molestation case with a reporter, the New York Daily News has learned.

Michael Jackson Not Paying Legal Bills?

December 16, 2004 – An insider tells Jeannette Walls of MSNBC.com that Thomas Mesereau says Michael hasn’t been paying all his legal bills. “Mesereau keeps waiting for more visits from Mr. Green – if you get my drift,” the source said. Jacko’s rep responded, “I would say that is more than likely not true.”

Michael Jackson Happy He Cut Ties With Mark Geragos

December 15, 2004 – An insider tells Jeannette Walls of MSNBC.com that Michael is “hugely relieved” that he and Scott Peterson lawyer Mark Geragos parted ways. “He watched the [Peterson guilty] verdict with great interest,” the insider revealed.

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2 thoughts on “Michael Jackson Throws Party For Members Of His Church

  1. Clara106 says:

    Mark Geragos also represented Winona Ryder in her shoplifting case, and he lost that one, too. that guy is just a bad lawyer plain and simple although, I think very little will help Michael in his case, no matter which lawyer is representing him. all they have to do is put him on the stand and listen to him talk about how much he loves kids, thinks he’s peter pan, and how he loves for kids to share his bed, and he will be thought of as guilty.

  2. clayfan says:

    Winona Ryder was caught on camera stealing…NO lawyer could have gotten her off. And no lawyer is going to be able to get Michael Jackson off, either. Well, maybe Johnnie Cochran could — because he always plays the “race” card.

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