Michael Jackson To Star & Produce ‘Wolfed’

The Mirror reports will play a werewolf in a new film titled ‘Wolfed’. The singer will also produce the horror film set in the 17th century, which tells the story of a shoe-maker’s son who is savagely beaten by a group of aristocrats, but saved when he makes a pact with the devil. For ever evil act Jackson’s character commits, he’ll further transform into a wolf.

Prepping For Space Flight

May 13, 2002 – Rush & Molloy of the New York Daily News spoke with Michael Jackson’s close pal Uri Geller who says Jackson wants to beat *NSYNC’s into space. Gellar said Jackson is already preparing for his space mission, “We are training Michael now to have that certain mind power to be able to complete such a task. We do visualizations, affirmations, contemplations.”

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4 thoughts on “Michael Jackson To Star & Produce ‘Wolfed’

  1. EndIsNear says:

    This is enough!
    That freak, pedo, fake singer, must be stopped now!
    Beat Bass??
    What’s this, a kid race?
    Now going into space and paying million of dollars to do it has become a game?
    I hate Michael Jackson!
    How can they let him go into space when there’s not a single part of his body that’s of flesh and bone anymore?
    He’s all made of plastic, pieces of his body are falling on the ground and he’s going into space?
    Screw him, I hope Lance will be the first.

  2. Syndney says:

    We are off to the races? Battle of the pop stars. I hate to admit this but Lance Bass has a better chance at this. Michael Jackson just wants to become immortal but most of these people are seeking that recognition.

  3. Christopher Porter says:

    Ironically, Lance didn’t get to space either. Ha.

  4. Pearl Jr says:

    But even today, May 2017, Michael Jackson is still playing games with the undead. New Docs prove Michael Jackson faked his death! Learn how and why he did the greatest hoax in world history.


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