Michael Jackson Under Leno’s Comedy Assault

Jay Leno unleashed another series of jokes during his Tonight Show monologue on Monday night. First, he joked, “I guess you know, President Bush is once again getting tough with Iraq. He said today we have to stop Saddam Hussein from playing hide-and-seek with his weapons. Hey, we can’t even stop Michael Jackson from playing hide-and-seek with his weapons.” Then, Leno cracked, “How many people are still creeped out about that Michael Jackson interview? Michael Jackson himself said he is not happy about the way the documentary came out. He said he was shocked when he saw it. Apparently even he can’t believe how creepy he is.”

Leno continued, “Have you heard the latest? Now he wants to give a rebuttal. wants to go on ’60 Minutes’ and give his version of what happened. This is true. That would be an unusual show, huh? Michael Jackson, a guy who never grew up, surrounded by guys who never die.”

And his final three barbs:

“Did you see him in the hotel room trying to give his baby a bottle? I don’t think he knew which end to put it in.”

“Then he’s bouncing it up and down on his knee. You know what Michael calls that when you bounce a kid on your knee? A lap dance.”

“Hey, Kev, what does call a backyard with a kiddie pool? ‘Temptation Island.'”

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