Michael Jackson Wants To Move To Europe

The Sun reports wants to move to Europe. His estate agent James Meiskin said, “I suspect Michael will end up buying a castle or palace in Europe. In England it has to be the standard of Buckingham Palace. Unique and special with nothing like it around. Or maybe Windsor Castle.”

VH1 Backs Off Featuring Jacko’s Skin Condition

January 28, 2003 – Insiders tell Entertainment Tonight that VH1’s ‘All Access: Skin Deep,’ which debuted Monday night, was reworked to remove the section dealing with Michael Jackson from the broadcast. In the special, the King of Pop’s former doctors spoke out for the first time about Michael’s skin condition and startling transformation over the years. It is not clear what prompted the last minute editing of the show. When contacted by ET, a spokesperson for VH1 had no comment.

The Jackson Reunion Looks Bleak

January 27, 2003 – While Jermaine Jackson told CNN’s Larry King earlier this month that the Jackson would reunite for a world tour, a source tells MSNBC’s Jeannette Walls that Michael Jackson won’t join his brothers. “Michael wishes them the best,” the insider said, “but at this time, he has no plans to tour with them.” Another source who has worked with Michael Jackson added, “I would be shocked if he joined them. My understanding is that he does not want to re-unite, now or ever.”

Michael Jackson Comments On Mottola Ouster

January 25, 2003 – Globe magazine quotes Michael commenting to a pal after hearing Sony Music chief Tommy Mottola was reportedly forced out. “I do not feel joy nor sadness,” he said. “But I feel great that maybe now the children of the world might benefit. I am convinced Sony will make it happen now.”

Jacko Furious Over NBC ‘Dateline’ Special

January 25, 2003 – Jay Leno joked during his Tonight Show monologue on Friday night, “NBC’s ‘Dateline’ is going to do an entire show on Michael Jackson’s face. Have you heard about this? Doing a whole show on his face, and how it’s changed over the last 20 years. And Michael is furious. Oh, he is so upset over this. In fact, he was so mad, today he ordered his plastic surgeon to put an angry look on his face.”

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